Reborn Eighty-Nine Sweet Honey - Crimson My Glory Year

Lin Miao glanced at Si Yue, nodded to Tang Ying, crossed Liu Dan, and walked away. You don't go, "Liu Dan unwilling to stretch out

Lin Miao glanced at Si Yue, nodded to Tang Ying, crossed Liu Dan, and walked away. You don't go, "Liu Dan unwilling to stretch out his hand, want to pull Lin Miao.". Si Yue came over and kicked her in the arm. Liu Dan made a sound and fell to the ground. The good dog is not in the way. "Si Yue dropped this sentence and went through the crowd." Yes, "Tang Ying rushed to the front, spat, and hurried to follow.". The crowd followed suit. But everyone is afraid of getting into trouble, and they are far away from Liu Dan. Liu Dan is so askew, until the whole corridor becomes empty, then tremble to climb up. She staggered to the bathroom at the end of the corridor. Look in the mirror and make sure that the wound is not open, then you can feel at ease. The girl's hair in the mirror was messy, and there was a ferocious scar near her ear. Liu Dan's fingers trembled and he stroked the wound. She has had a star dream since she was a child. Watching the men and women on TV, she did not know how many times she fantasized that she was in it. But now, her dream is broken. This is all because of Lin Miao. If she hadn't refused to pay, she wouldn't have been scolded by her grandmother and scolded by her mother. She's not in a trance. You won't hit a telephone pole,Time Delay Tap, and you won't scrape your face on that nail. All this is Lin Miao's fault. It's all her. It's all her. Liu Dan gnashed his teeth. The girl's face in the mirror was twisted and distorted. She swore that she would not avenge this, that she would not be a man. Liu Dan clapped hard on the mirror. All this is in a hurry, and Lin Miao, who is busy cooking, naturally knows nothing about it. After dinner, Luo Yan stopped Lin Miao. I've got some problem sets,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and starting tonight, you're going to have to do three more pages. Lin Miao nodded as he packed the lunch box. Luo Yan raised his eyebrows. "It's three pages in one subject." That's five subjects, that's fifteen pages. Is that too much? Lin Miao struggled. Or four pages? "Three pages is very good, very reasonable," Lin Miao immediately opened his mouth. Luo Yan nodded with satisfaction. I'm leaving. "Lin Miao carried the lunch box and went out.". Luo Yan waited for her to leave, turned to the study, marked the exercise book, put it on the desk, and then took the book away. He has a big class in the evening. When Lin Miao comes back, he should not be there. However, he believed that Lin Miao would do a good job without supervision from others. That night, Luo Yan came back from class and saw that the light in the study was still on, Manual Flush Valve ,Time Delay Faucet, so he went over. As a result, he saw Lin Miao lying on his desk with an exercise book at hand. He pulled out the book carefully. After reading it, he drew a smile. In order to skip a grade, she really worked hard and did four pages. You know, in addition to these, she has her own homework. No wonder she was tired and fell asleep. Luo Yan pulled out the pen she was holding and picked her up gently. Lin Miao slept soundly, but without a sound, he fell limply on his neck. Luo Yan's arm trembled slightly and quickly stabilized. The next day, Lin Miao opened her eyes in a daze and saw the familiar ceiling. She was stunned. She remembered, as if she was doing exercises in the study last night, how could she come back to the room? Could it be that he was so sleepy that he came back? She looked at the clothes on her body, which were from last night, and was more sure of her guess. At the head of the bed, the alarm clock is ringing. Lin Miao suddenly sobered up. She got up from the bed and went straight to the bathroom. Luo Yan came out from the next door, heard the noise in the bathroom, and went over. Lin Miao was brushing his teeth. When he saw him coming, he rinsed his mouth. "I'll be ready soon." Luo Yan nodded and turned to the living room. Within two minutes, Lin Miao came out of it. I'm going to make breakfast. Luo Yan stood up, followed her to the kitchen, saw her very naturally take out the eggs, but also turned to ask himself to eat. He gave a hum and turned away. Chapter 72 don't want to touch porcelain? After breakfast, Lin Miao ran out in a hurry. Seeing that the school was approaching, she remembered the exercises. Around, there are students coming from time to time, and the bell of morning self-study is about to ring. Lin Miao only struggled and ran forward again. When I entered the classroom and just sat down, I heard the self-study bell ring. Why did you come so late? Si Yue consciously took the lunch box and complained as he opened it. Not to cook for you? Lin Miao retorted while taking the textbook. The representative of the Chinese class stepped onto the platform. Write down the long poem I said yesterday today. Under the stage, there was a wail. The Chinese class representative is also very helpless. The morning self-study quiz is given by the teacher in the morning. They're just mouthpieces. The test paper is passed from the first row to the end. Si Yue picked up the fried golden eggs and ate them with relish. Lin Miao wrote a line and turned his head. "Write first and eat later." "Don't worry," Si Yue's mouth was full and his words were slurred. "You write, leave me alone." Lin Miao rolled his eyes and really left him alone. When she finished, she turned her head. Si Yue just finished eating and was packing up his lunch box. Give it to me, "Lin Miao brought it over." You write it quickly. " Si Yue wiped his mouth and picked up his pen. Lin Miao packed the lunch box and looked up to see that Si Yue had written three lines. I have to say that Si Yue's handwriting is really fast and good. Compared with Lin Miao's two brushes, they are really one in the sky and one on the ground. Lin Miao glanced at him and reflected that he should practice calligraphy. Si Yue quickly finished writing, turned to see Lin Miao look over, he sent the small test paper to Lin Miao. Here you are Lin Miao took it over and looked at it. Just like she wrote. She folded two pieces of paper together and handed them over when the front seat turned around. Just in time, "Si Yue proudly moved his body to the left, pressing three stool legs up.". Lin Miao shook his head in silence. The math teacher stepped on the bell and came in. Lin Miao hurriedly gathered his thoughts. Forty-five minutes of class seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. The math teacher lit the blackboard, emphasized the key points again, and then reluctantly opened the door with the book. Just stop when you want to go. This classmate,Time Delay Tap, who are you looking for? "Hello, teacher," said Liu Dan cleverly. "I'm looking for Lin Miao." The math teacher vaguely remembered that there seemed to be such a transfer student in the class. She looked at the last row. Lin Miao stood up.


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