The Safety and Security Objective of NeCoSys Operations!

  • INSTA.TEL ~ Operated and managed by (NeCoSys) 'Networking Communications Systems', ~ the 'service'
  • All to often, our lives are effected because of our life information being disseminated agains't our wishes!
  • IT IS the goal of this 'service' to keep all users', clients, and professional operators personal information and data safe
    to the best of our ability!
  • The 'service' will not Sell, Distribute, or Market any of your personal information or data!
  • In the event of legal matters that could arise or occur because of outside influences or conditions out of the 'services'
    control: NeCoSys, Instatel, www.insta.tel, and all associated affiliations might be required to release information
    to legal entities for investigatory purposes to solve these issues!
  • If these conditions do arise, any and all users will be informed of all actions taken, and be given the opportunity
    to inquire into how the release of said information will effect all involved in the matter!

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