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It is said that "meeting an old friend in a foreign land" and "the enemy of the enemy is a friend", but we do not have the idea of

It is said that "meeting an old friend in a foreign land" and "the enemy of the enemy is a friend", but we do not have the idea of recognizing each other. In the deep mountains and old woods, killing people is like killing chickens. There is no movement. The original two gentlemen said last time that they would see us again, and they would show no mercy. This guy has decided that his sister, who is a vegetable, has not woken up yet. It is we who have harmed her. Now go up, what good fruit can there be? I saw the guy's black suit attendant, but he had a pistol in his hand. Before the men had rested for a moment, there was another noise from their way, a mess, and then a man in military uniform appeared. The Japanese immediately took cover, while Kato Hara, without saying a word, ran towards us. www。 Xiaoshuotxt. C o m \ t = xt * * Xiao/Shuo Tian ^ Tang% Chapter 237 the original two seals, white paper into people. Seeing Kato Haraji getting closer and closer, I felt nervous and clenched my fists tightly. Instead, Shaomao Xiaodao was calm. He was hardly affected. He looked ahead and held a piece of black soft cowhide in his hand. He polished the jade sword slowly. He was so careless that he seemed to be a viewer in front of the TV. Everything had nothing to do with him. Only the jade in his hand is what he cares about and cares about. Sure enough, Shaomao Trail was very prescient. Kato Haraji ran to the big banyan tree six or seven meters away from the entrance of the cave. Instead of continuing to come over, he lay behind the tree and looked nervously at the woods. Because of the angle, I just saw the ecstatic posture of Haraji pouting his buttocks. After World War II, Japan proposed that "a glass of milk strengthens a nation", because there is no melamine, so the height of the Japanese has greatly increased (or other reasons, to be discussed),Concealed Flush Valve, but Kato Haraji is not tall, even less than 1.6 meters. So although he is handsome, he has a creamy taste, like a child who has not been weaned. However, this boy's sinister, but also can let me remember. Chasing the two of them, some shadows appeared in the gap of the woods in the distance. I had good eyesight (I used to have a myopia of 200 degrees, but later I had perfect eyesight after the gradual transformation of the golden silkworm in my body), and I could see some probably-there was an acquaintance,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, that is, the man with super strong battlefield consciousness, that is, the guy who was called Boga Gong. He is the number one stooge of the big drug dealer and warlord Wang Lun Khan around here, and perhaps the commander in chief of the operation to arrest me and Shaomao Xiaodao. I do not know why, my heart suddenly gushed out a burst of ecstasy, only six words in my mind: "Dog eat dog, a mouthful of hair!" " Bo Gonggong just shook one side, and then hid in the dense forest, the two sides began to exchange fire, crackling, it was a lively fight. Gunfight, to be honest, I experienced it yesterday, but as a bystander, it was the first time, Prison toilet for sale ,stainless steel squatting pan, just like setting off firecrackers during the Spring Festival. However, as far as firepower and attack distance are concerned, the Burmese armed forces with China-made 56 semi-automatic rifles were basically able to defeat the Japanese with small pistols. Within two minutes of the exchange of fire, the black suits were basically suppressed. Shaomao Xiaodao finally stopped carving his jade sword and pulled me aside to avoid it. Be careful of the stray bullets. Bullets don't have eyes, and if they are bitten, they can only cry. The sun had sunk into the sky, and the western sky was cloudy and golden, but the earth had begun to darken. The exchange of fire lasted for another five minutes, because they were hidden and could not be seen clearly, but judging from the screams heard, at least two Japanese had been shot, while the Burmese armed forces led by Bo Gagong had almost no casualties. After that, the two sides turned off the flame and began to talk about negotiations. However, what makes people angry is that they. They actually use English as a way of communication! So even though both sides are shouting at the top of their voices, I am still under a lot of pressure because of my short English. I looked back at Shaomao Xiaodao, who whispered that he had no foreign language skills except for learning Ukrainian bed tones with two Ukrainian beauties in Jiangcheng. No culture, really terrible, this catch blind, I only quietly wait for the results of the negotiations between the two sides, in addition to complaining about why they do not use Yunnan dialect to communicate. However, at this juncture, I found that Kato Hara, who had been squatting quietly not far from us, had made an unexpected move: He's making a seal! "Lin, Bing, Dou, Zhe, Je, Zhen, Lie, Zai, Qian", which is different from the mantra of "Jiuhui Mandala City" of Esoteric Buddhism I learned in the Twelve Dharmas, belongs to the category of Dongmi (that is, the Japanese mantra Esoteric Buddhism based on Dongsi Temple, which belongs to external Esotericism and has a strong formalism. Bushido and Shogunate Killer "Ninja" in Japan all draw lessons from some of its contents). Later, as Japanese comic culture became widely known, it was not known that it originated from Ge Hong's famous Taoist masterpiece Baopuzi in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Kato Hara's gestures are so skillful and precise that they can almost be used as a textbook. When the thumb and forefinger of his left hand were circled, the other fingers of his left hand were gently clenched, and the left hand was wrapped in his right hand to complete the last movement, a whirling white breath suddenly came out of him. The breath was as cold as ice, and the wind was blowing. Then the boy took out something wrapped in red silk from his body and opened it. It was three pieces of white paper. He quickly unfolded the three pieces of white paper, threw them forward, and whispered an unintelligible word to the devil. A stunning thing happened: the three pieces of white paper began to stretch out, like balloons filled with air, floating in the air, revealing their true colors. These are three paper figures cut from white paper. They are all women dressed in kimonos, like geishas in Japanese Ukiyo-e. They are very similar in size and appearance, very vivid, and the whole body is white. The shape is expressed by paper-cutting skills. Only the lips are specially painted in blood-red color. The paper figure was floating, and its empty eyes looked very dull. However, after the whirling breath was injected into the three paper figures by Kato Hara with a unique gesture and incantation, the light paper figures did not fall slowly on the grass,Service Sink Faucets, but all stood on it-yes, they stood on the grass, like people.


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