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Before his every move has not been sent out, the opponent has already known the move he wants to make, his every move just shot,

Before his every move has not been sent out, the opponent has already known the move he wants to make, his every move just shot, was suppressed by the opponent can not move, such an opponent, can not fight! Electric Light Between the flints, Lu Jingnan was already thinking about the way out. At the same time, we should strongly suppress this idea from the body, as long as we are slightly discouraged in our movements, our opponents will find their intentions. Get out of here first, and if we can find the others, one. Be sure to tell them that there is still one hidden in the enemy's ranks. A much more formidable opponent than Merkin! As Lu Jingnan thought about it, he suddenly heard a loud bang, followed by several sounds. It seemed that it was time for the bodies of the mercenary soldiers to explode. Battle The two men turned a deaf ear to this and still made every move. Slowly dismantling, one person holding a double dagger, one person empty-handed. Lu Jingnan barely coped with it, and her opponent did not exert further pressure, but pushed her to the predetermined position step by step. The mercenary's fist is faster than Lv Jingnan's. In this extreme state, he is still very skillful. He can dismantle, seal, entangle, block, turn and unload. A "bullet" formula is used very well. Most of Lu Jingnan's attacks were shot by him. Open, or rebound back,plastic pallet manufacturer, Lu Jingnan is offensive and defensive. It is more about how to leave the battlefield unexpectedly. Suddenly, a brick-sized piece of broken rock was lifted by the impact of the explosion and flew straight to Lu Jingnan's direction. As the helmet blocked Lu Jingnan's sight, she was close to the rubble when she found it. Here we go. In a hurry, Lu Jingnan wanted to lean back to avoid it, but the mercenary seemed to have anticipated all this. As soon as Lu Jingnan's mind moved, her hands suddenly grew, like a snake wrapped around Lu Jingnan's hands. Hand, along Lu Jingnan's wrist forward,plastic wheelie bins, Lu Jingnan's helmet was hit by gravel at the same time, the mercenary's arm Don't drop the dagger in Lu Jingnan's hand. Even if Lu Jingnan was not injured, the helmet was smashed, and the field of vision was bound to shift. The mercenary took advantage of this opportunity to turn into Lu Jingnan's line of sight. Dead angle, catch the arm, press the waist, do not leg, a few movements It was clean and did not give Lu Jingnan any chance to fight back. The mercenary soldier's body would explode five minutes after death, which Lu Jingnan knew. She also thought about using the explosion she grasped to suddenly oppress the opponent in the battle, but she didn't think the opponent was right. The incident of the explosion is well known. More unexpectedly, the opponent even the impact of the explosion, what objects can be pushed to what position is also included, even if they see the position of the mercenary corpse. Place and the environment near the body, may not be able to calculate so clearly, ah, who is this in the end? That's terrible! Lu Jingnan also planned to fight at close range, but he didn't expect that the mercenary soldier's arm was like a python, mobile garbage bin ,plastic trash bins, which was getting tighter and tighter, and finally Lu Jingnan couldn't move. Clang, the helmet fell to the ground. The waterfall of long hair and the lonely face were exposed to the air. Only then did the mercenary produce the laughter of the Victor, which seemed to be deliberately suppressed, hoarse and low, as if from the ground. The beast in prison. Who the hell are you? Did Merkin ask you to help him? Lu Jingnan struggled to ask in English. Merkin? The mercenary's tone was full of contempt. "He's just a pawn." When she bent down, her helmet touched Lu Jingnan's ear and she said softly, "Just like you.". Ha-ha Ha ha, ha ha ha.. Lu Jingnan half turned his head in shock, as if he could see the banter in the mercenary's eyes through the brown glass. What shocked her even more was that the man spoke authentic Mandarin, a foreigner. It is impossible to speak such pure Mandarin pronunciation. Yes, this is a-Chinese! She mumbled the corners of her mouth, and for a moment she didn't know what to ask. The mercenary seemed to be able to see through her thoughts and said directly, "Don't try to test me. I tell you, what I know is far more than you can." Think of much more! In front of a cliff at the root of the snow mountain, there is a huge square artificially excavated. There are many huge stones scattered in the square. It seems that they want to carve some stone statues or pillars to record the year, but they are not finished in the end. Leaving the original posture of the huge stone, rugged and simple, like Guarding here like a guard. I'm afraid no one can see how big the square is at a glance, but only feel it. Boulders as high as six or seven stories are like isolated flags in this square, but this square and outside it Compared with the circle of artificial lake, it looks too small. It's small. And this lake is not much smaller than the sea of life on the second platform. The reason why it is said to be artificial is that its shape has too obvious artificial traces. This lake is like. One eye, or near Motuo Gongbu Village The lake of life is very similar, the two ends are completely symmetrical, the edges are neat and smooth as jade. That square is in the upper eyelid position of this eye, not as big as the pupil of this eye, at most. It's a patch of white on the eye, or an eyelash. Under the hair follicles. If you bend over the edge of the lake embankment, you can see that in the clear and bright lake, there are huge artificial buildings, carved beams, carved corridors, hollow doors and windows, floors, one by one clearly discernible, revealing mystery and majesty. Momentum, there are countless fish in those Langfang Liang. Swim between the pillars. The lake is alive, and the meltwater of the snow mountain flows here unchanged for thousands of years, and then flows down from the lacrimal glands on both sides of the eyes, turning into black dragons running around the third platform. In the corner of the square, the mountain wall is slightly inward, which looks like a natural slope, but it is also man-made. There is a gap at the intersection of this slope and other natural slopes, which looks like a natural slope. However, when it is formed, it can turn through the fissure, and the space increases sharply. It turned out to be a hollow stone chamber. At one end of the mountain wall, there stands a huge stone gate. In the middle of the stone gate is a huge snow mountain spider, which carries countless angry gods and demons. Each side occupied one end of the door, as if it were a calendar. After thousands of years, since the conquest of endless. The eight legs of the spider spread all the way to the edge of the stone door and inserted into the rock, while the spider's legs were covered with numerous cilia,plastic bulk containers, like a pipe network covering the whole stone door. The spider's body, on the other hand, is imprisoned in a huge. cnplasticpallet.com


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