A crow on the ninth day of the seventh month in troubled times

There was less grumpiness and more fear in his tone. Lou He seemed distressed and said, "How could it be? I know you're not

There was less grumpiness and more fear in his tone. Lou He seemed distressed and said, "How could it be? I know you're not a bad boy, but you're not sensible." Lou Huaiyuan freed his hand and grabbed his clothes. "Will you really come to see me?" He asked. Lou He seems to nod: "As long as I am free, you call me, I will come over." Opened the stone door, two people come out, Lou Huaiyuan has cleaned up, although the eye socket is still red, has restored the appearance of the beast king. Halfway through, he remembered something and said, "Do you know Xiao Xiao?" With a hum, Lou Huaiyuan clasped his hand and said, "He has already run away." “…… Run away? Why did he come here in the first place? Lou Huaiyuan said, "He's been with the orcs for a long time. He's been with them from time to time, just like a guest minister. This time the orcs were fighting with the birds, and he came to help of his own accord. We didn't pay much attention to him, but we didn't know he poisoned me!"! Then I went back to the clan, and he tried to cheat me. As soon as he was exposed, he ran away. He didn't catch me, and I don't know where he went. Lou He seemed to frown and said, "I don't know what this man is going to do. Huaiyuan should be more careful." Think of Xiao Xiao is a variable really again, psychology is strange and unpredictable, it is the object that Xiaoxiang needs to cut off again, ask: "Does Huaiyuan have a clue?"? We simply got rid of him. Lou Huaiyuan thought for a moment and said,euro plastic pallet, "His room is still there. He hasn't come to clean it up yet. Do you want to see it?" There was a sound of footsteps and a waiter came from the front. Lou He seemed to wipe off a hair and turn it into a crow. "Tell them," he said. Staggered with the black feather, the two men turned the corner and moved forward in the stone castle corridor. The waiter led him down to the ground, took two more forks in the road, and stopped at a stone door. After entering, by the pearlescent light on the wall, two people begin to search. Xiao Xiao is very light, waving a sleeve, a cloud also does not come and go. Searched through the stone room,heavy duty plastic pallet, only to find a crumpled piece of paper with two words written on it. A piece of spring sorrow waiting to be watered by wine. The boat on the river shakes, and the curtain upstairs beckons. Qiu Niangdu and Tai Niang Bridge. The wind is blowing and the rain is drizzling. Lou He seemed to have smoothed the paper and saw that the handwriting on it was quite illegible, but it was very correct. The ink penetrates into the back of the paper, and the pen is full of strength. "When will you go home and wash your robes?" He continued. Silver word Sheng tune, heart word incense burning. Streamer is easy to throw people. Red cherries, green plantains. Dazed a little while, ask: "This paper ink..." "They're all from the palace," said Lou Huaiyuan. It seemed that they could only look for it from the handwriting. After collecting the paper, they went out of the room and came to the temple. Lou Qingcheng and Xiaoxiang are still mixed in the ranks of the bird clan, already unable to hold back, has already made trouble again. Later, when he received his message, the crow waited quietly, but he was still uneasy. It was not until he saw someone coming out that he was completely relieved. Lou Qingcheng stepped straight forward and saluted Lou He: "Why is Lord Glimpse so slow?" Is this the tone of a subordinate speaking to a superior. "Rude!" Shouted the orc attendant. Lou Huaiyuan raised his hand and said coldly, "He's such a fool. Don't care." After many years, the scene satirized by Kuaiyu suddenly reappeared, drum spill containment ,wholesale plastic pallet, and Lou Qingcheng almost lost his breath. No matter what you become, you need to smoke. With a snap, Lou He covered his mouth and said, "Lou's rule is not strict. He has offended me." Lou Huaiyuan turned his back and walked to the throne. "I never pay attention to fools." Lou Qingcheng was so angry that he bared his teeth and brandished his claws in his arms, but he couldn't get to Lou Huaiyuan. Xiaoxiang over there had still retired instead of the bird clan, and a group of people had withdrawn from the palace. Me, me, me, me.. I also want to be reincarnated. Lou Qingcheng spoke incoherently and said, "He's so arrogant. He dares to call me a fool. I want to be reincarnated as a phoenix and flatten all the orcs.." As he dragged him along, Lou twitched his lips and said, "Don't worry. You'll never become a phoenix." "Brother-!" They are already out of the orc palace, otherwise they will be captured by the orcs and buried by the birds if they are reincarnated and rebelled all the way. Now that the task is completed, the building does not seem to return to the bird clan, only let those people report to go, their own three people another action. Spreading out the paper, he said, "Can you find a clue?" Lou Qingcheng shook his head and said, "If you start with the handwriting, you must spread out and look for it.". Although we are enough to mobilize the manpower of the bird clan, but the news is bound to spread, so the enemy is dark and I am bright, Xiao Xiao naturally convenient to hide, with his ability, is to change a handwriting, what is difficult? Xiaoxiang still looked at the paper and said, "This word is very familiar." "I've fought with him many times, and I've seen him write about homesickness.." Swallow's nest The three of them cast their eyes on it again. Lou Qingcheng frowned and said, "Homesick?" Xiaoxiang spread out his hands and said, "Have you ever missed your lair when you were away from home?" "I miss my brother very much," said Lou Qingcheng. Xiaoxiang still patted his forehead silently and said, "What do you say?" Since Lou He came to this world, he still missed the original from time to time and said, "Don't make trouble." Did Xiao Xiao leave this word unintentionally or intentionally for us to see? "Even on purpose," said Xiaoxiang, "I've seen it before. There must be a reason." Lou He seemed to think for a moment and said, "Let's see what the situation is like first. Why don't we go to Xiao Xiao's lair?" The orcs also agreed to make peace, and the four clans slowly continued to negotiate. Now that they were all out, they always wanted some benefits, so they kept pestering. Lou He seemed to know that Phoenix would fix it, so he and his party went to the remote south. The weather was turning to the hottest, and the more they moved forward, the more they sweated. Xiaoxiang is a little better, horizontal and vertical do not dehydrate on the line, how like Qingcheng two people a feather, although it is human form, still want to vomit blood. Give me the ice. t Lou He seemed to wipe a sweat and took a wooden box from Xiaoxiang, which was full of ice cubes. Another handkerchief was handed over. He took a piece of handkerchief, pressed it gently on his forehead, and breathed a sigh of relief. "" Here, have another piece, "said Xiaoxiang with a low smile. Long fingers picked up a piece of light green ice and handed it to his lips. It was frozen mint syrup. Bite it! Ka! A mouthful of cool and sweet, said: "The doll is not either?" Qingcheng sat on the other side of the bird,spill plastic pallet, holding a big frozen strawberry and eating it. "No," he said. Yeah, I got it. 。 cnplasticpallet.com


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