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"Sorry, we don't need it." Since Silo is a local, she must be clear about the strength of this guild, and she knows about our guild, so she

"Sorry, we don't need it." Since Silo is a local, she must be clear about the strength of this guild, and she knows about our guild, so she only needs to measure and compare with each other to know who to choose. Why did you say you didn't need it without talking about it? "No need is no need. There's nothing to say." Silo doesn't give the other side a chance at all. She knows that even if she can't reach an agreement with us, she can't make an alliance with the other side, so she can get a little impression while we're here. Now that the other side has indicated its position. We'll take care of the rest. Silver Snow and I walked up to the guy and pointed out the door at the same time. We have something to talk about. You can go. "Why should you drive us away?" "Because I don't welcome you." Said Silo, coming over. If I don't go out, what will you do to me? The other side found that he was not justified and simply began to play a rogue. Goodbye, then. Silver Snow reached out and touched the guy's chest, and the guy burst into a fog of blood in an instant. Silver Snow turned smartly and walked inside, saying loudly at the same time: "One minute, after that, if anyone else makes trouble here, just like him." Those who came to rob the colorful magic spar were all stunned and confused, and did not know whether to leave first or stay here all the time. But the silver snow will not hesitate, a minute passed quickly,tube lip gloss, those who stood in place in an instant all burst into a fog of blood. A guy who happened to be standing at the gate of the Silo Chamber of Commerce had only one foot in the door, and the part that happened to be in the door exploded into a fog of blood. The enemy in such a large area was instantly killed, while the nearby buildings and the people of the Silo Chamber of Commerce had nothing to do with it, which is beyond the simple description of high strength. Now that the eyesore is gone, let's talk about the specific situation. I said to Silo again. Of course, please follow me. Silo led us through a corridor into a reception room. The rooms are small in size but quite well decorated. It gives people a very elegant feeling. Hardly had we sat down when several waiters brought us drinks. A maid took a stack of information and put it on the tea table beside Silo,eye cream packaging tube, and then took some paper to us. I waved that I didn't need it, and then said to Silo, "I want to reach a consensus on the basic situation before the formal negotiation, which will help us in the next negotiation.". What do you think? "Of course." Silo nodded. That's good Then I opened my mouth and said, "Let's talk about your situation first.". As far as I know, you have a huge reserve of colorful magic crystal veins in your hands, and your situation also shows that you are unable to protect it, once formally exploited, it will be robbed by other guilds. So you can't operate independently. Do you admit that? Silo nodded. I agree I continued, "The situation on our side is that we don't know the location of the vein. If you want to burn both the jade and the stone, we won't get anything if you don't tell us the location of the colorful magic spar vein." "So we need to cooperate," Silo said politely. "Well, aluminium laminated tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, now that we can agree on these two points, the rest will be easy.". Now the key issue is the distribution of benefits, but before that, can I know how big your vein is? Silo shook her head and handed over a stack of papers. Because of the need for confidentiality, we dare not carry out large-scale on-site exploration, and the results of the preliminary inspection are all here. As long as it doesn't involve information about the location of the lode. There was no need for Silo to hide anything else from us, so she just handed over the file. Holding the document, I turned it over and said, "In my experience, such a deep deposit should be a mining area with large reserves." We hope to think the same as you. It's just that no one can be sure that it hasn't been dug out now, and it's not impossible that it will only dig out the columnar ore belt like a hole in the ground. "Don't you do sampling?" I asked, flipping through the papers. "You mean raw ore inspection?" "No, I mean that the area and depth of the mining area should be calculated by the method of fixed-point deep drilling in the nearby area, and then the approximate quantity of minerals should be calculated." "But we don't have that kind of technology, and we dare not ask people to do it!" What Silo said was very depressed. Mmm. Let's do it after we start working together! But since the mineral reserves are unknown, you may have to suffer some losses when you cooperate. "How much do you want to share?" Silk asked nervously. I took the information very seriously: "The mining area information is unknown, in addition to know that there is indeed a colorful magic spar, only know that the output may be very large.". But I can't be sure. In addition, according to the information you provided, the fineness of the minerals is also quite good. But you have only discovered minerals, and you can't get involved in prospecting, locating, mining and security work after that, that is to say, you can't do anything except selling. In particular, the investment in defense and mining is very huge, so I think the proportion of our guild should be very large, do you have any doubt about that? Silo nodded helplessly and said, "I know what you said is reasonable, but how much can you give us in the end?" I thought for a moment and said, "What do you think of this?"? Everything in the mining area is covered by our guild, and you just need to send someone to supervise the amount of mining. If prospecting determines that the mine is rich in reserves, we will build a large sorting and refining center near the mine. After that, we will divide the processed colorful magic spar according to the ratio of one to nine, that is to say, we will give you ten percent. Can you accept such a distribution ratio? At the beginning, Silo thought that she could only share a little, but ten percent was really a little unexpected. After thinking over and over again for a long time,custom cosmetic packing, she gritted her teeth and said, "Fifteen percent. If it's any lower, it's out of the question." 。


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