Anger breaks the universe

"No wonder Brother Ling Feng likes this girl." Seeing Lan Lan's lovely expression, Ou Chen murmured. Tomorrow, oh, what about tomorrow?

"No wonder Brother Ling Feng likes this girl." Seeing Lan Lan's lovely expression, Ou Chen murmured. Tomorrow, oh, what about tomorrow? Murmured again, but Ou Chen did not know whether to promise the man in Lan Lan's mouth tomorrow. Ask for recommendation, ask for collection. 'Bishui ', everyone's support is enough to force,' BishuI'may shine on the stage! More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 106 in fact, I am a heavenly teacher. Update time: 2012 101821:49:04 Number of words in this chapter: 3574 The next day, the sun was shining, and Ou Chen walked lazily towards the auction. After a night of thinking last night, Ou Chen decided to look at what Lan Lan said was close to the level of the division. In the background of the auction, a strange old man was talking to Lan Lan about something. His gray beard, silvery hair, and white robe all showed that he had a higher status than Lan Lan. Walking slowly into the backstage hall, Ou Chen deliberately coughed twice. Come,polyfoil tube, come, let me introduce you. This is Lord Zhao of our general alliance. I mentioned it to you last night. See Ou Chen slowly into the hall, Lan Lan smiled forward to meet. After an indifferent smile, Ou Chen looked very relaxed. Hello, Lord Zhao. Standing up slowly, the old man looked up and down at Ou Chen and said with a smile,cosmetic tube, "It's really a young hero.". At such a young age, there is already such a good fortune. Not bad, not bad. He continued to look at Ou Chen as if he were admiring a sculpture. Of course, is there anything wrong with my Lan Lan's vision? Hearing what the old man said, Lan Lan smiled with some pride. Seeing the old man still looking at himself, Ou Chen suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. A little shiver at the same time, but heard the old man suddenly opened his mouth and said: "Ou Chen brother, about your previous things, I heard Lan Lan said.". I guess Lan Lan didn't tell you clearly about the benefits of joining the auction alliance before. In the tone of the old man, there is a trace of yearning. Frowning slightly, Ou Chen looked like an old man with some doubts. Benefits? Yes, brother Ou Chen. Joining the auction alliance is beyond the reach of ordinary people. Those who have achieved excellent results in the auction alliance will have many opportunities to experience. Still as if in the aftertaste of something with temptation, the old man's expression became a little proud. Excellent grades? Temptation The old man's words directly hit Ou Chen's heart, plastic packing tube ,plastic packaging tube, and once again looked at the old man doubtfully. But then I heard the old man go on to say, "The General Auction League holds a selection every five years.". It also depends on whose strength is strong enough and whose practice speed is fast enough in these five years. Then, those with excellent results will be recommended by the General Auction Union, and some of the other trade unions with excellent results will enter the Aura region to practice. I don't know if the Ou Chen brothers have heard of it, but some people say that when they enter the Aura region to practice, an ordinary Airbender practitioner will set foot on the Primordial God Realm to practice in just a few months. Of course, this also requires you to overcome all kinds of difficulties. As you know, anything that multiplies power is fraught with danger. The Aura region is no exception. It is also said that if the entire Aura region can be completed, then a practitioner of the primordial divine world is likely to become an earth teacher or a heavenly teacher. It's not even a legend. It's true. I am a good example. When the old man said this, he couldn't help giving a wry smile. After shaking his head helplessly, he went on to say, "I'm ashamed to say that I only got to the fourth stage of the Ora region, so I had no choice but to quit.". The area of Naora is divided into nine sections, and the danger will be doubled if you don't enter one section. Therefore, many practitioners who have the opportunity to enter it often end up in failure. Of course, there are also many practitioners who have lost their lives in it. I'm not trying to undermine your confidence by telling you this. You know what I mean. I think you have to take the risk. Because I believe in you. When the old man finished, he looked at Ou Chen with great certainty. For Ou Chen's current strength, it is obviously insignificant in front of the practitioners who are close to the level of the earth division. With the help of the'fire elixir ', the fire elements sent out by Ou Chen are basically the'fire elixir' that has been absorbed. Although the'fire elixir 'contained in the body has fire elements that are several times higher than those of some ordinary primordial practitioners at the peak of the fire system, Ou Chen has not been able to absorb the fire elements hidden in the outside world, or other elements. And this kind of luck thing, estimated also only happens in own body, regarding this'fire elixir ', also only drifts on the mainland, is discovered accidentally by him. And the temptation of the Naora region seems to be aimed at every strong person, every diligent practitioner, strength, strength is the most important. Only with the help of that'fire elixir ', Ou Chen himself felt that it could not become a general climate. Although I have the fire element of'fire elixir 'in my body, I also have the experience of'ghost teacher practicing skills'. However, without perfecting them, they can not emit more energy after all. And that'fire elixir 'contains the elements of fire in the body, Ou Chen in some cases, will accidentally find that some elements of fire can not be brought into play through their own. This may be related to their own stage of practice. Since the region of Aura has the temptation that all the practitioners of the primordial gods yearn for, Ou Chen is also full of expectations for that region in his heart. However, according to the old man, that Aura region is not generally powerful, if this really went, I do not know if it can come back. While Ou Chen was thinking. The jade pendant suddenly remembered a slight voice. Go, be sure to go,plastic laminted tube, everything has me. The voice of the fire master, however, was particularly harsh in Ou Chen's ears. Isn't he just a practitioner of the primordial gods at the peak of the fire system? You can exaggerate Haikou like this. Ou Chen thought with some doubts in his heart.


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