Doomsday Girl Becomes a Watch Girl

"The young master is the heir of the master. Everything in the Muzi Department belongs to the young master. If the young master

"The young master is the heir of the master. Everything in the Muzi Department belongs to the young master. If the young master wants to buy something, how can he let his wife use her private money?" But the young lady can be so happy to show that immediately give money, obviously the money in her hand is not only the surface of those, but also, the young lady is so powerful, how can it really be a poor family in a poor village. According to the information they collected, He Erniu was indeed a member of the He family in He's village, and the other members of the He family did not have such a powerful figure as the young master's wife, but I heard that the daughter-in-law he Erniu married was from a big family, perhaps the young master's wife inherited the bloodline ability and family business from the maternal side? But according to the rumor in the village, it is said that the mother's family of the young master's wife is an official family in the Southern Dynasty. If there were such a powerful person as the young master's wife in the Southern Dynasty, they would have received the news long ago! Could it be that the ability of her matrilineal lineage was passed down from female to male because of the rules of the Southern Dynasties. Women are trapped in the back house, plus filial piety, female virtue and so on, so that they have no chance to show, and therefore lead to the master, their side can not be found, if so, then he should quickly tell the master, let the master pay more attention to the courtier's back house women, perhaps can cultivate some excellent helpers! I just don't know what the young lady's blood ability is,lycopene for skin, just look at the scheming ability, it can't be seen by ordinary women! Plus she seems to have hidden some mysterious ability, like the twenty-seven array bases in Chaoyun Mountain, which can not be dug out in just one day with the ability of the eye of the dragon vein, what can be done is. When Xu Xiang finished speaking, he had all kinds of ideas in his mind. He Yuzhu didn't know that Xu Xiang could think so much in a moment. He just listened to their words and said, "That's no good. What I mean by saying that I will pay for it is that those mountains will belong to me in the future. If I want to give it to Ieyasu, Ieyasu will become the master. It has nothing to do with you and your master!" “……” "Uh.." Forget the young lady so fierce temper,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, how can let her in a passive state! When Mai Jiakang saw how lively they were coming and going, he simply reminded them aloud: "Hey!"! Have you forgotten? Not only the prefect of the city died, but also the son of the prefect of the province died! Not to mention the chaos of walking corpses in the city, the magistrate of the provincial government may also come to the city because of his son's death, so can the provincial government office handle the red deed? Xie Yun's request "Young Lord, don't worry. The provincial government is different from the local government. It is the hub of a province. There are rules for its daily operation. Even if the magistrate is absent, his subordinates will take his place to handle the official business of the Yamen. Otherwise, if he causes major dereliction of duty, even if he is of noble birth, he will be dismissed or demoted." When Mu Shouer heard this, he said to Mai Jiakang. Mai Jiakang listened and looked at He Yuzhu. Thinking of what happened last night, he pursed his lips and stopped talking. He Yuzhu couldn't see what trouble he was making. He just thought that the stable supply of Tibetan specialties had been confirmed, and the next step was to get the ownership of those places. So he clapped his hands and said briskly, "Well, turmeric extract powder ,fenugreek saponins, let's get ready to go!"! Go to the provincial capital. "Yes!" "Subordinates will arrange for people to prepare chariots and horses." ………… After the agreement, the servants of the Mufu prepared their carriages and horses, so they quickly got into a comfortable carriage and left the village in the envious and eager eyes of the people of Hejia Village. Just as they were about to rush to the provincial government, they heard a cry of shortness of breath from behind the carriage: "Wait a minute, cousin and brother-in-law, you wait for you." "It's the son of Xie Juren in your village." Hearing the sound, the driver quickly stopped the carriage. At the same time, Mu Shou, who was riding on the horse, also looked back. After seeing the man clearly, he quickly reported it to Mai Jiakang and He Yuzhu. He Yuzhu and Mai Jiakang, who were somewhat surprised, lifted the curtain of the carriage and looked at Xie Yun, who came in a hurry. Mai Jiakang only noticed that Xie Yun was in a hurry and trotted over in a way that did not conform to his identity. He Yuzhu saw that the bookboy behind him seemed to be suffocating his face to keep up with Xie Yun's footsteps, but his eyes did not look like a child, and he looked at Xu Xiang and Mu Shouer with strange eyes, Xu Xiang also slightly invisible to his forehead. Think again Xie Yun bought this book child is after their city trip, she secret way, it seems that this book child is also the people of the Muzi department, the people of the Muzi department is more powerful than imagined, even a child can be trained to become a member. Just as He Yuzhu was thinking about this, Xie Yun also ran to the front of the carriage. He seemed embarrassed. With a reddish face, he bowed to He Yuzhu and Mai Jiakang. Then he said, "I'm sorry. Xie Yun has something to do to get rid of his cousin and brother-in-law. I'm disturbing you on your way." "Is it for the city?" Mai Jiakang thought that because he went to the magistrate's banquet, he met with a walking corpse and killed the magistrate and the governor's son, so he followed his parents back to the village to take refuge, thinking that he came in a hurry to ask them to find out about the current situation in the city. Remembering that he had dealt with him before and was related to He Yuzhu, he said, "When we get to the provincial government, we'll help you find out how the magistrate is going to deal with this and see how things are going in the city." However, Xie Yunwen couldn't help but face a stiff, he is not interested in how the magistrate how to deal with those people in the city, anyway, even if the magistrate can't do all the people to the banquet slaughter, and can be invited to the banquet by the magistrate, which no family property, some of the relationship between relatives, even if the magistrate, also can't all be offended. One of the reasons why he encouraged his parents to return to the village was that there were walking corpses making trouble in Fucheng. Seeing the ferocious and unpredictable attack of the walking corpses, he had no confidence that only the weak scholar father and two young servants in his family would protect their family. Besides, even if a small thing changed, he believed that the military strategists in his dream and the rise and fall of the country would not change. Even if the change, the part of the general trend can not change, stay in the city, it is easy to get involved, it is better to go back to the village to hide, but also let him more objective observation of the situation,rosmarinic acid supplement, according to the dream situation, to prepare for the future, so he rushed here is really not for the city.


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