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"Since you insist on not letting your mother leave with me, and I don't insist, can you answer a few simple questions for me?"

"Since you insist on not letting your mother leave with me, and I don't insist, can you answer a few simple questions for me?" Without waiting for the boy to open his mouth, Chen Ge asked directly: "Why is there a fork in the White Dragon Cave Tunnel?"? Why is the tunnel I see when I open my eyes different from the tunnel I feel when I close my eyes? When I closed my eyes, I heard voices, cars, and touched the outline of the car, but when I opened my eyes, how could these things disappear again? "You have a lot of questions." The boy was very impatient, and his thick feet crawled on the wall, making a rustling sound every time he moved, which sounded very annoying. I'm just curious. "There's only one tunnel here, and I pulled you into my dream just now." The words behind the boy made Chen Ge very surprised: "In a dream?" "It's hard for me to tell you clearly. No one has asked me this kind of question before. Let's refer to it as a dream." The boy stared at Chen Ge, very irritable, if not just Chen Ge's performance really can not pick out any problems, he would like to start on Chen Ge. In the dream, only the mind is active and the body is still,High Speed Nail Making Machine, but the situation I just encountered is totally different from the dream. You can't see it, but you can touch it with your body and hear it with your ears. Chen Ge did not believe that the other party could weave a dream, nor did he believe that the child could drag himself into the dream. Why do you have so many questions? The boy saw that Chen Ge's attitude was firm, and he could not stop his killing, but finally he restrained himself: "As I said just now, dreams are just a name. You can understand it as my ability. As long as I am in this tunnel,Coil nail machine, I can drag everything into dreams." "There are terrain restrictions?"? Only useful in the tunnel? In front of the boy, Chen Ge casually said the weakness of the boy's ability, he did not care about the boy's gray face, bowed his head and thought. The little boy is different from the general red coat. Compared with the ghost, he is more like a deformed monster, with a huge difference between the upper and lower limbs, which attracted Chen Ge's attention. Recalling the world his arm touched when he closed his eyes just now, the boy was stuck in the car, with only his upper body exposed and his lower body stuck in the car. After becoming a fierce ghost, his upper body remained, but his lower body disappeared. Where did his lower body go? As soon as Chen Ge's mind turned, he suddenly thought of another thing-in all the Samsung test task scenes in the black mobile phone, Iron Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, there would be a door. Where is the "door" of the White Dragon Cave Tunnel? In a straight tunnel, you shouldn't build a door on the wall, right? "People only open the door when they are most desperate. The child was stuck in the window at the last moment of his life. He was squeezed together with the deformed window." There was a flash of light in Chen Ge's eyes, and the "door" of the White Dragon Cave Tunnel was probably the door of the car! But then the question came out again, the abandoned car had long been towed away by the police, how did the "door" in the tunnel remain? With a confused look, Chen Ge looked at the boy's body with a huge difference. The door didn't grow on his body, did it? Chen Ge was also startled by his own idea, if so, then the red clothes in front of him would be terrible: "a bloody door that can move..." Staring at Chen Ge, the boy's delicate eyebrows wrinkled together, he always felt that Chen Ge's eyes were not like looking at a ferocious ghost, but like appreciating a rare work of art. Chapter 613 the door stuck in the body. "Where are you looking?" "The boy seemed to hate being looked at like this," said Chen Ge, who was stabbed with a big step carved with his face and stopped in front of his eyes. I'm sorry, I lost my temper. Chen Ge withdrew his eyes and stopped staring at the connection between the boy's stomach and the spider's body. If the "door" of the White Dragon Cave Tunnel is really on the child, the other party will not tell Chen Ge. If not, it is meaningless to continue to struggle. So Chen Ge decisively ended the topic: "If you don't want to say, then change one. ” Chen Ge became solemn: "This is my last question, which concerns the safety of all of us, so I hope you don't hide anything on this issue." "You ask." The boy drew back his horrible forefoot. Have you seen a shadow enter the White Dragon Cave Tunnel in the middle of the night in recent days? At the mention of the word shadow, the boy's expression changed immediately: "Are you here because of him?" "It seems that you know something." Chen Ge is a little excited, he finally found a person who knows more about the shadow. The temperature in the tunnel suddenly dropped, the howling cold wind poured out from the deeper part of the tunnel, and neither the child nor the female ghost in the tunnel spoke. They were silent for a long time, and finally the child jumped from the wall, a few feet supporting his body, so that he looked down at Chen Ge. The monster's size is very big, and its standing posture at this time gives Chen Ge a strong sense of oppression. Go back. The more you know, the more you'll sink into fear. The boy's voice trembled slightly as he said this. Are you afraid? "No!" The child's mood suddenly became excited, and his feet were raised and swept to Chen Ge's chest. With his hands on his chest, countless faces roared out of his feet, but stopped at the last moment. We have a common enemy, and I can help you, either way. Chen Ge looked at the foot close at hand, slowly put down his arm, if the boy wanted to hurt him, he had just been shot away. After a long time, the boy's body slowly lowered,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he looked at Chen Ge: "That guy is a madman, he is not the first time to the White Dragon Cave Tunnel." He's been here before? Was it a few years ago? Chen Ge remembered the strange scene he saw last time in the White Dragon Cave Tunnel, when he was young and killed. Do you know why my mother and I have been hiding in the tunnel and never stepped out of this place? There was a flash of uneasiness in the boy's eyes. Is it because of the shadow? He wants to hurt you? 。 3shardware.com


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