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"Sounds interesting, well, deal, but correspondingly, if I escape, you can join me and Aria's team, become a member of our team

"Sounds interesting, well, deal, but correspondingly, if I escape, you can join me and Aria's team, become a member of our team, I think an S-class sniper, should be able to bring a lot of help to the team." Li Yalin snapped his fingers. This is an opportunity for Li Yalin, but he has already hit the target on Reggie, but this girl has been cold, there is no good chance to start, now just right, really kill two birds with one stone ah. "Deal, if Yalin you escape, I will be your slave for life, but in advance, my absolute radius is 2051 meters, if you can escape from this range in seven minutes, you will win, I believe this gun will not betray me." Is this a confident speech? The so-called absolute radius is the maximum range of a sniper, 2051 meters, which is absolutely a terrible number, and is the distance that ordinary snipers can not imagine, but if it is Reggie, she absolutely has this ability, it seems that this time really can not be careless ah. "Well, get ready to start right away." With that, Li Yalin turned around and prepared to leave the rooftop. Now that he had decided, let's have a good time. "Wait for Yalin." Just as Li Yalin turned around, Reggie suddenly opened his mouth. After hearing Reggie's words, Li Yalin turned around again. But at that moment, Reggie leaned forward and kissed Li Yalin's lips. The thin cherry lips emitted a mint fragrance. He was forcibly kissed? Or a three-nothing girl? "Reggie,CNC machining parts, you." Just a gentle kiss, and nothing too deep, but even so, enough to surprise Li Yalin, this Reggie is too bold, right? "There are two results of this war, you belong to me or I belong to you." Although he kissed Li Yalin, Reggie's expression did not change at all. You belong to me or I belong to you? This kind of declaration really makes people laugh and cry, although Li Yalin is suspected of being cheap and well-behaved. "In this case, then I look forward to it." Li Yalin understood what Reggie meant. No matter who the winner of the game was, he and Reggie would form the deepest bond, but the result was who was in the dominant position, but would Li Yalin lose? Reggie's strength is strong, but Li Yalin is not weak, he is confident that he will win the game, Reggie Ai, you are waiting to join my Crystal Palace! All kinds of support … … … … Chapter 123 the Oath of Reggie. From the moment Li Yalin left the teaching building, die casting parts ,Steel investment casting, the game began, and it was also a game that could never be lost. Just leaving the gate of the teaching building, Li Yalin had a feeling of being targeted by hunters. Had he become the prey of Reggie? But who will win or lose in this battle is still unknown! With the sniper confrontation, then naturally to find each other's dead corner, but the dead corner of this thing, for Reggie is really not a problem, in Li Yalin flashed to the corner of a building, ready to use this as an obstacle to resist Reggie's bullets, a clear shot came, Reggie shot! An incredible thing happened. The bullet of the sniper rifle hit the billboard on the opposite side of the road. Then it bounced back to Li Yalin's left arm in an instant. The familiar pain came. Li Yalin knew that he had been shot. Although he was protected by a bulletproof school uniform, the impact of the bullet was still great. Really is called absolute radius without dead angle of Reggie, unexpectedly can use ricochet attack to deal with themselves, and the accuracy is also high terrible, in the face of such an opponent, even Li Yalin, will also give birth to a sense of powerlessness in the heart. The first shot was fired, so it was less than 60 seconds before the next shot. Thinking of this, Li Yalin left the original place and ran quickly towards the distance. At this time, it was better to use his own two legs to use the means of transportation. In the surprised eyes of a group of students, Li Yalin ran at the speed of the 100-meter sprint. No, even the world record holder of the 100-meter sprint did not necessarily run faster than Li Yalin. It was like a whirlwind. According to this speed, Li Yalin only needs less than two minutes to leave the absolute radius of Reggie, but how can Reggie let Li Yalin succeed so easily, a bullet hit Li Yalin's right shoulder accurately, and a sharp pain came, but it doesn't matter, there are five bullets left, it can continue! Straight forward is not feasible, the eyes is an open field, run out is just to give Reggie as a target, at this time of Reggie has left the teaching building, toward their own direction to rush over, this can be seen from the running route of the bullet just now, in this case, I really need to use some real skills. Looking back at the surrounding buildings, Li Yalin quickly determined the escape route. There were still five minutes left, but it only took one minute to decide the winner. Here comes the third bullet! With the sound of a gun, it's ricochet again! Although the left shoulder was hit, Li Yalin could keenly feel that this time Reggie's shot was obviously not as accurate as the second bullet. Yes, he has opened the distance with Reggie, even if Reggie is also good at moving rapid-fire sniping, but it is certain that Reggie's moving rapid-fire will definitely affect the accuracy of shooting. With the influence, it is more beneficial to oneself, towards the determined direction of the next mind, Li Yalin used the skill limit sprint, originally is already walking like flying, now Li Yalin is more people can not see his figure, although the extreme sprint is only to increase the charge time, but this skill also has a hidden attribute, that is, to increase the running speed, with this hidden attribute. Li Yalin's speed is simply unmatched. The fourth bullet! In the process of Li Yalin running, a sense of crisis hit, Li Yalin keenly aware of the bullets behind,titanium machining parts, rolling on the spot, a miracle appeared! Reggie hit every shot without missing a shot, and it just fell through? autoparts-dx.com


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