Endless sword outfit

The second Dan bottle is gooseneck-shaped, with a flat-mouthed bottle mouth. The bottle head is bright red, like a duck's beak.

The second Dan bottle is gooseneck-shaped, with a flat-mouthed bottle mouth. The bottle head is bright red, like a duck's beak. This is the reassurance pill. Ye Bai poured out one, held it in his hand, and watched it carefully. As soon as the reassurance pill came out, there was a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. The whole body was round and brown. Twenty pills in a bottle were used to resist the demons and increase the probability of entering the mind. It is the most important auxiliary elixir when practicing Chongguan. Ye Bai nodded with satisfaction, took the reassurance Dan back into the bottle, put it aside, and then picked up the last Dan bottle, which was also the most precious one of the three Dan bottles. Low-level Xuanyuan Dan has the function of assisting cultivation and promoting the growth of Xuanqi cultivation. Although it is slow and invisible, it is one of the most stable elixirs to promote the growth of Xuanqi for a long time. It is different from Luo'er Dan and Huntian Dan. It is one of the most mild elixirs with medicinal properties. It has long been determined that there is no harm to the growth of cultivation. When the bottle cap was opened, a layer of Reiki that could be seen by the naked eye immediately spread out, and surrounded the mouth of the bottle, forming a layer of white mist. Ye Bai poured out a grain, blue, round and smooth, holding it in his hand, as light as nothing. As soon as he came out of the mouth of the bottle, the Reiki around him immediately doubled. Ye Bai closed his eyes and took a breath of this breath, feeling cool and comfortable in his nose! This is Xuanyuan Dan. With a satisfied smile, Ye Bai took it back into the bottle and put the three Dan bottles in a fishy smell? Put it away carefully. I still have an unrealistic feeling. In the past, it was impossible for me to get a good one of these elixirs. Now,plastic pallet bins, I automatically ration three bottles of these elixirs every month. This is the good of the disciples of Neizong. With these elixes, my practice progress will be greatly accelerated by more than one time. Finally, Ye Bai stared at the dark bird-shaped Xuanbing dagger lying quietly on the table. This should be the most precious thing he got at the conference. The dagger of the bird is a strange name. As soon as Ye Bai hesitated, he reached out his hand to find an iron block from the room. He reached out his hand and grabbed the dagger of the bird. With a gentle wave, the whole iron block was cut into two parts without a sound. The incision was as smooth as a mirror, without a trace of wrinkle and wound. The dagger of the bird was so sharp? Ye Baideng was greatly surprised. Although he had expected that it might be very extraordinary, he still did not expect that a piece of iron with two fingers thick would fall without even making a sound. Ye Bai rummaged in the room again, and finally found a piece of 100 steel in a corner. He waved the dagger of the bird again and drew it out at the piece of 100 steel in his left hand. It was still silent,collapsible pallet box, and everything fell. With a "bang", half of the cut steel plate fell to the ground, making a light "poof" sound. The color of surprise in Ye Bai's eyes was even heavier. He bowed his head and hesitated. As early as he saw the dagger of the bird at the beginning, he felt something unusual. Xuanbing was sharp, but it used four words to describe it. Of course, he knew that it was some rich people who always had too much money to put it, so he used more than 95% of the red gold as paper. It is used to make some precious books, such as genealogy, invitation cards, and even as letter paper. This kind of gold paper is called red gold paper. It is as soft as forging, but it is very hard. Few things can leave scratches on it, let alone pierce it. This bird dagger can break more than ten layers of red gold paper at once. Such sharpness is really rare. I haven't even heard of it. At this point, he finally understood that he had picked him up, even if there was nothing strange about the dagger of the bird, just its sharpness was enough for Ye Bai to earn, collapsible pallet bin ,ibc spill pallet, ordinary iron, even refined green steel, were all falling in one stroke, not even a sound, according to this degree, I'm afraid even ordinary Xuanbing could be easily cut off, which was in the middle of the battle. Isn't it a big killer for Ye Bai? If you were fighting with someone and suddenly someone cut off your weapon, how would you react? That's enough time for you to die many times. Then, Ye Bai looked for several kinds of solid things to try, every time is so, a cut and fall, if not he can't find the same rank of Xuanbing, I'm afraid he would like to take a low-rank Xuanbing to try the sharp dagger of the bird, unfortunately, I'm afraid even if he has, he is reluctant to part with, the dagger of the bird, or his first Xuanbing weapon. Fishy? Carefully hide it close to your body. Ye Bai has decided not to use the bird's dagger unless he has to. This thing is used at the critical moment. Usually, he still uses the Ziyin Iron Sword. Although it has not been used for a long time, Ye Bai has an unusual feeling about this strange iron sword which has been scolded by the old sword. I can't let it go. At the beginning, he did not immediately choose the red fire piercing foil sword, which was also a low-level Xuanbing, because of this, otherwise, it would not be necessary for him to get the dagger of the bird. 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