Full-time mage

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Mo Fan listens, the whole person is excited. Mo Fan discovered very early that no matter whether your cultivation is high or low

Mo Fan listens, the whole person is excited. Mo Fan discovered very early that no matter whether your cultivation is high or low, the magic power is basically the same. Just like now, I am a middle-level magician, but the power of the first-level magician is still the same except that the speed of casting is much faster than that of the first-level magician. There is not much difference between Xu Dahuang's Huozi Burst and his own Huozi Burst now, which has caused great trouble to Mo Fan. Before reading fantasy novels and so on, the power of other people's skills are Nima and Xiu Weicheng's synchronous promotion! Mo Fan thought that the power of skills could never be improved, but the place to improve was here! Fire spirit! Magicians need to absorb and refine the seeds of special elements bred between heaven and earth in order to increase the power of their skills, and if the power is doubled.. So is it possible to achieve a fire burst skill that can directly kill those three-eyed wolves, big-eyed mice and so on? Now Mo Fan's body stock magic energy is not stardust, but nebula, for Mo Fan now release dozens of primary magic may not be exhausted, the middle magic lethality is really strong, but can not meet a small one directly enlarged move to kill, that is too much waste of blue, the movement is too big! What's more, the power of primary magic is not as good as that of intermediate magic, but the effect of skills is to carry, such as the muscle paralysis effect of thunder, which is very practical in any battle. The price of the most common fire spirit species on the market is as high as 20 million,drum spill pallet, and most of them still need to bid for it. I said, "Why did this outlaw dare to run out and wander? It turned out that he was drawn out by this fire spirit." Teacher Tang Yue's beautiful eyes flashed a trace of clarity, and the ruddy corners of her mouth also brought up a smile. [Http://www.pan58.com] 58 Baidu cloud search resources, search novels, search movies is easy to use. Two. Twenty million, my darling, I can buy a big villa in downtown Shanghai. Mo Fan could not help but gasp. I'm afraid this spirit is more expensive than a diamond! "Sorry,secondary containment pallet, I can't afford it!" Tang Yue gave Mo Fan a contemptuous look. Well, the housing prices in Shanghai are even more outrageous. But in any case, the value of a small fire spirit can be so high that it has surprised Mo Fan. Moreover, this thing is to directly enhance the power of fire skills, not only the initial magic can be multiplied, but also the middle magic can be multiplied. Just think about the unreasonable power of the fierce fist, if the power of the flame giant fist is doubled again, let alone the servant level demon must be killed in seconds, even the general level demon may not be able to stand it? "By the way, I remember that Muningxue girl seemed to be born with something." Mo Fan suddenly remembered something and asked hurriedly. Mo Fan said that he had just come here for a short time, and a lot of knowledge needed to be supplemented. Well, in addition to the seeds of special elements bred by heaven and earth, some families and families will have some? They are born with a certain spirit. Most of these people wake up a few years earlier than ordinary people, and are born with twice or more skills of this attribute than others. Mu Ningxue should be a natural glass ice species, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet containers, which belongs to the strongest ice species in Lingpin ice species, and its power is stronger than that of ordinary species. 5x. Like her, the release of an ice vine cover can freeze the people in the area in 2 seconds, and deal with groups of demons with half the effort. With the earth wave to slow down the movement speed of the demon group, it can freeze several demons. Teacher Tang Yue patiently explained to Mo Fan. Mo Fan opened his mouth. No wonder Mu Zhuoyun, the old bastard, regards Mu Ningxue as a treasure. People in the whole Bo City also call Mu Ningxue the first female genius, which is naturally better than others. Five times the power really swept the peers ah, and this girl awakened a few years earlier than normal people, the advantage is too obvious, no wonder was directly admitted by the Imperial University. Sure enough, the grass roots have no way out. Mo Fan muttered. With a smile on her face, Tang Yue looked at Mo Fan and said, "Your talent is also against the sky. You are born with one more department than others. If you really want to evaluate, your natural double department is more favored than Mu Ningxue.". The order of elements can be promoted by absorbing the seeds bred by heaven and earth, but one more system can be met for no reason. "Teacher Tang Yue said so, and my heart was much more balanced." There are also disadvantages, because you spend more time and resources in the same level of cultivation than others, and you can't improve your cultivation. There are too few resources, and you are no different from a useless person. In a word, burn money and resources. Mo Fan twitched at the corners of his mouth. Teacher Tang, if we don't mend the knife, we can still be happy as teachers and students. Burn money on this Mo always realized, others buy the mark of the star, spend fifty thousand at most to get it done, oneself want to buy two, a fire department, a thunder department, one hundred thousand Nima is gone! Moreover, take this spirit for example, if you don't want to get the spirit of the fire department, it seems that you have to get the thunder department. If a fire spirit is worth 20 million, then how expensive is a thunder spirit. Holy shit, this is the rhythm of living in the suburbs for a lifetime! The new week is coming, please remember to vote for the recommendation. In order to vote for the recommendation, I took great pains to set the update to zero. Well, I'm just back to the old way, and the update is too late to be stable. Chapter 127 of the main text. Updated: 2016-07-14 10:11:40 Words: 2384 "I am suggesting that you take refuge in a rich and powerful force, they will give you resources, so you will have more."? The day of the head 。 Of course, you must obey this force in the future, after all, they have burned so many resources for you. Teacher Tang Yue suggested. Teacher Tang Yue, I think you also have a background,plastic pallet price, why don't you keep me, in the future. A mountain of knives and a sea of fire, I will not hesitate. Mo Fan said. How dare you be glib again! Tang Yueqiao blushed and stared at the cheap student with murderous eyes. Don't think she can't understand the dirty words hidden in it. binpallet.com