Death Notice-The Dark One

Eumenides…… It is indeed a terrible opponent. Mu Jianyun also sighed in her heart, and then she threw out another question that was difficult for her to solve

Eumenides…… It is indeed a terrible opponent. Mu Jianyun also sighed in her heart, and then she threw out another question that was difficult for her to solve: "Since his criminal plan had already begun, why was there an interval of eighteen years?" There will always be some reason. But I can't think clearly now. Luo Fei shook his head, then narrowed his eyes and said, "You know, there's another question that's bothering me. Maybe you can help me answer it." "What?" "His psychological motivation.". If he was inspired by us to commit the crime in the first place, then 18 years later, why did he disclose the execution plan to the police in advance? This is obviously not conducive to his long-term action and runs counter to Eumenides'original intention of taking on the task of punishing evil. Mu Jianyun gave a sneer: "I'm afraid his starting point is not as noble as you originally thought. He's just looking for the excitement of a game.". When the original stimulation can not satisfy him, he will find ways to improve the difficulty of the game. "Your analysis makes sense." Luo Fei pondered, "but I always feel that it's not that simple." There have also been cases of serial killings challenging the police abroad, but they all disclosed the relevant information to the police after committing the crime. If he wants to pursue excitement, he should also have this process. It is a bit of a leap to inform the police directly before committing a crime. Moreover, he had done at least twelve cases before, but the police did not know anything about it, which showed that he was not a crazy man who had lost his mind. Chapter 6 Two-Minute Time Difference 13 Mu Jianyun felt that what Luo Fei said was also reasonable. She thought for a while and got nothing. Then she asked Luo Fei: "What do you think?" Luo Fei shook his head: "I don't understand for the time being.". However, the provocation in front of him has a clear sense of design, perhaps from the next development of things can see some clues. "The next development?"? Isn't that too late? Mu Jianyun was said by Luo Fei to be a little nervous, "since you think there is a mystery, you have to stop it quickly." "Do you think Han Hao will listen to me?" Luo Fei lightly put the other side back, but he quickly changed the subject, "I only hope." You can help me. After this heart-to-heart talk, Mu Jianyun has completely stood on the side of Luo Fei, she immediately responded: "How to help?" "I need to see all the files related to the April 18th massacre." Luo Fei looked into Mu Jianyun's eyes and said solemnly. Ok Mu Jianyun very readily agreed, "after dinner to my room, we study together.". Come on, eat quickly. As she greeted her, the lecturer began to eat in a big mouthful. She had just been talking, and the food had not moved at all. It was already cold now, but in the face of the pressing case, she could not care so much. And Luo Fei, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet suppliers, like a wind-up, finished the beer in the bottle in one breath, and not long ago the idle energy had disappeared. Fifteen minutes later, Luo Fei followed Mu Jianyun back to his room in the hostel. The latter handed over all the files of the April 18th Massacre (including the part that Zeng Rihua handed over to her the day before yesterday) to Luo Fei. There is no doubt that many of these contents have never been touched by Luo Fei before, especially the transcripts and related analysis of Luo Fei himself as a person involved in the case, which has become the focus of Luo Fei's reading. Despite the long desire for these archives, the process of real reading is a painful experience for Luo Fei. Because he had to analyze every detail of the historical data in great detail, the fragments of memory related to the tragedy accumulated in his mind bit by bit, and gradually pieced together into a complete and clear memory. At the same time, many emotions related to that memory spread all over him: sadness, regret, bitterness, hatred.. One by one, it oppresses his nerves and makes him inescapable. Mu Jianyun sat quietly beside Luo Fei. As a psychologist, she could clearly feel the emotional fluctuations of the other party. A trace of pity grew in her heart. She even felt that her greatest desire at the moment was not to solve those cases, but to help the man in front of her, to help him get rid of the pain that was entangled in his heart. Luo Fei's mood is still deteriorating with the progress of reading. At last, he seemed unable to bear it any longer, and with a deep sigh, he closed his eyes and rubbed his hands from his cheeks to the back of his head, and then back again, as if to squeeze the torment out of his brain. Mu Jianyun scanned the files and found that Luo Fei was reading the transcript that Zheng Haoming had made for him. In the open page, it recorded the conversation between Luo Fei and Meng Yun through the radio. Mu Jianyun understood that Luo Fei was heading for the most painful peak in his memory, and when the call ended, an explosion would take away the two most important people in his life. I know it's hard, but you have to walk. Mu Jianyun said lightly, "You are closer to the truth than anyone else. You can see what others can't see." Luo Fei's hands were now tightly covering his eyes and the bridge of his nose, and although he was trying to control it, there was still an obvious hoarseness in his voice: "." I made the wrong choice, and I killed them. The loss of a loved one may not be the greatest grief in the world, but if you think that the loss of a loved one is due to your own fault, that kind of grief is really unforgettable. Chapter 6 Two-Minute Time Difference 14 Luo Fei is obviously immersed in such grief. When he was young and passionate, he and Meng Yun fought because of their love. It seemed that they had never won or lost. Only once, Meng Yun seemed to really admit defeat. She almost cried and begged Luo Fei to tell her how to defuse the bomb,plastic pallet crates, but Luo Fei's answer separated them in an instant. Mu Jianyun sighed lightly, knowing that the experience was indeed a knot that ordinary people could not overcome. Even if Luo Fei can personally bring the real murderer to justice in the future, he will never be able to get rid of the sadness and self-reproach caused by the bomb disposal mistake.


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