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Suddenly, a hard object hit me on the back, the pain made me gasp, the pain even spread to my arm, a burning pain, I clenched

Suddenly, a hard object hit me on the back, the pain made me gasp, the pain even spread to my arm, a burning pain, I clenched my teeth stiffly, my mouth filled with a trace of sweet and fishy, and finally fell unconscious in a daze. This scene is familiar, Fengyang Festival that night I also experienced the disaster of life and death, but this time I was not saved by Ning Zheng. That night, Xiao Fu was set on fire after being robbed by the mob, and the fire burned until dawn, and the stars on the horizon set off each other, unable to see which was more red. The Xiao Mansion was full of eighty-five people. After Xiao Taifu was seriously injured, he was taken away by Miss Xiao. Mrs. Xiao committed suicide and died. The rest of the maids and servants and a group of distant relatives were missing. The house of Xiao, which had been shrouded by Feng Yun,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, had withered overnight. Maybe people are happier when they are sleeping all the time. But since there is no death, we must face all the hardships of living. At daybreak, I finally regained consciousness and found myself lying on a meadow. The silent horse licked my cheek gently. When I opened my eyes, I snorted excitedly. Struggling to sit up, I clenched my teeth and endured a sharp pain in my back. Jingyan turned his back to me and stood beside the river not far away. There were five or six soldiers around, some drinking horses,impact beam tubes, some washing. This meadow, this river, are we out of the city? If I hadn't experienced the blood last night, I would have thought that the picture was very harmonious and peaceful. But where are my father and Linglong? Debate carefully, as expected, there is no father and Linglong. Heart frightened, also regardless of the pain, quickly climbed up and ran to Jingyan. Brother Jingyan, where is my father? Where is Linglong? Jingyan turned and looked at me, her eyes bloodshot. Where's my dad? Where is Linglong? They, they have.. I asked urgently, but I didn't dare to say the answer that made me afraid. Jingyan shook his head. "They should be all right now." "All right?" I looked at Jingyan suspiciously, beam impact tubes ,Precision steel tubes, trying to find the right news from his eyes. He let me stare at him calmly, without a trace of panic. Jingyan never lied. He said it was all right. It should be all right. My hanging heart fell to the ground. But where are they? I asked again. At the camp in Dongyang. "The military camp in Dongyang?"? Li Rui there! What about us? Why did you separate from him when you met Li Rui? I was puzzled. Because your Zhao Lirui wants to force the emperor to go to Dongyang with him! The general who took the risk of taking me and Feng Yi out of the palace last night stood behind him and shouted loudly, angry. There was a buzz in my head, and what I had been worried about finally happened. Dongyang Hou Fu, finally also laid out the chariots and horses? Seeing my expression like this, the general frowned and said, "Is this what your Xiao family has planned?"? Kui Sheng also last night. "Bai Yi!"! Stand down! Jing Yan's rare seriousness interrupted his words, not angry and arrogant. It turned out that his name was Bai Yi, and I took a deep look at him. He disdained to look at me again, but stared at me indignantly and left in a huff. He is loyal, but there will be such a person around Jingyan's brother. What are you thinking? Jing Yan saw me in a trance and asked. I looked back at him, at the prince brother who had grown up together. If he has a good father, he takes over a good country, then he must be a good emperor. Even in such a situation, the firm feeling he brought to me has not diminished at all, on the contrary, it has become stronger and stronger. Your Majesty, I wonder what you will do with me. I smiled and said. The emperor? Isn't it brother Jingyan? "Dongyang Hou's family betrayed you. Do you still allow me to call you brother?" "You also said it was the Dongyang Hou family. Have you already classified yourself as the Dongyang Hou family?" I smiled and shook my head. "I thought you would be angry with me.". I promised to watch them for you, but I didn't. "Maybe, maybe I'll vent my anger, so I'll take you with me." Quiet words said meaningfully. How did it go last night? I asked again "You want to ask Li Rui?" Jingyan's eyebrows were raised. Yes I answered simply. Do you know that the thugs who went to Xiao Fu last night may have been sent by Dongyang Hou? Jingyan hit the nail on the head. I looked down for a moment and said, "I know it's possible.". Li Rui sent the rickshaw puller to pick up my sister and me, but he didn't expect me to return to the Xiao Mansion on the way. But maybe his goal was to keep his sister. I laughed at myself. You can see through it. Jingyan looked at me coldly. They used your sister to threaten you? Jingyan smiled faintly. "They should know that no one can threaten me." I gritted my teeth and kept smiling: "Indeed, the daughter of the Xiao family is just a chess piece for you.". But don't forget, my sister is the queen of destiny, and she's going to marry a legitimate son of heaven. Jing Yan Wen Yan finally could not hold back his emotions and raised his hand to pinch my chin: "Do you think they will succeed with this?"? Are you very proud? Zhao Lirui is not abandoning you like grass shoes! Your sister is the queen of destiny, and what are you! Dongyang Hou uses women to work, what's the big deal! When I meet with Marshal Duan, everything will change. Enduring the pain, I said word by word, "Brother Jingyan, it's really no big deal for Dongyang Hou to make use of women.". Aren't you taking me now to threaten my brother? How much better you are than Zhao Lirui! Jingyan listened to my words, eyes gradually narrowed, I understand him, this is the performance of his rage. But I was not afraid. I broke his hand and said, "Brother Jingyan, I don't want to provoke you.". Anyway,side impact beams, I thank you all my life for saving my father and Linglong from the mansion. Besides, I don't mind being used by you. I'd like to go with you to find Duan Laoyuan and Xiao Ruoheng. Jingyan didn't expect me to say this, but he still looked at me in silence. cbiesautomotive.com


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