Emperor in White (Rebirth)

Although Pei Ji was curious he also knew that this kind of thing could not be asked indiscriminately so he only stayed at Pei's

Although Pei Ji was curious he also knew that this kind of thing could not be asked indiscriminately so he only stayed at Pei's house and observed silently Pei Daoru treated him and Pei Zhen the same all gentle and considerate everything is thoughtful and Pei Fu's servants all are silent do things quickly never chat a scene of everyone Although Pei Daoru's family management is rigorous Pesticides there is little news in the house but the news that a hostess came to Pei's house still soon spread out and everyone in Kyoto was curious about Mrs Pei A few days later Pei Daoru packed his luggage for Pei Ji and sent him to the Imperial College Pei Zhen was an official of the fourth grade and a red man in front of Emperor Wenhui It was no problem to put one or two people into the Imperial College What's more Pei Ji himself had an extraordinary origin An Gong's youngest son the Imperial College was naturally very happy to accept him Pei Ji has a cheerful personality He was born in a great family His manners and manners were all excellent He soon made a group of friends in the Imperial College Sometimes he would take some friends home for a ten-day break When his friends paid a visit to Pei Daoru as a rule they were all impressed by Pei Daoru's charm and said that they did not expect Pei Zhen's mother to be such a peerless beauty Since the fall of Cui Shi in Qinghe Pei Zhen's reputation in the government and the public has also laid a certain foundation everyone has recognized his ability and Kyoto noble women are attracted by his appearance because he is now also a new noble then gradually put him and Xie Wang Chun and others together heard that his mother came to the capital nature is also curious from various channels to understand Mrs Pei's preferences The wives of some of Pei Zhen's colleagues began to post to invite Pei Daoru to go out for a banquet However Mrs Pei claimed to be widowed low-key and modest living in seclusion rarely accepting invitations from outsiders but all the people who met her were overwhelmed by her beauty and conversation and began to be suspicious of the rumor that "Pei Zhen was born in a humble family" Pei Daoru was able to socialize with outsiders but Emperor Wen Hui was tortured by the feeling of missing her Si Yueer was ordered to tamper with his diet list and through the mutual restraint of various foods he did not want to eat and drink his energy was poor and he felt more and more the threat of death and the desire for descendants In another year of cold food Emperor Wenhui was in better spirits Following the old practice he ordered the officials to bring their families to the palace for a banquet At the court meeting he teased Pei Zhen a new celebrity saying "I heard that your mother has entered the capital but she doesn't like to go out for banquets Don't refuse this palace banquet Pei Qing Zhilan Yushu and your mother must be extraordinary I also want to see them" The officials all looked at Pei Zhen His face was expressionless and he still had the same restrained and deep expression He bowed with his hand and said "I will obey the holy order" After Pei Zhen returned home it happened that Pei Ji was also resting at home He was playing chess and chatting with Pei Daoru in the flower hall As soon as he entered the door Pei Daoru stood up to greet him Naturally he took the official hat from his hand and ordered the maid to put it aside He asked in a gentle voice "Why did you break up so early today" Pei Zhen sat down beside Pei Ji and said "Your Majesty will hold a banquet for the cold food tomorrow China Chemicals All the officials and their families will go to the palace so the court will break up ahead of time" By the way do you want to go The last sentence was sent by Pei Pei Ji loves to join in the fun also did not enter the palace nature is happy just see this pair of mother and son get along always feel where strange Pei Zhen is respectful and filial to Pei Daoru but a little less close Pei Daoru is very concerned about Pei Zhen but a little less dignified But thinking of Pei Zhen said that he had a former Confucian teacher I'm afraid he studied under Zhou Qingyuan since childhood and seldom got close to his mother so he became so distant now Of course I want to go Brother Zhen can you take me with you "Mmm" Pei Zhen took a cup of tea took a sip and said to Pei Daoru "Your Majesty specifically told Ah Niang to go to the palace too" As soon as Pei Daoru's hand stagnated the chess pieces held by his fingertips rolled onto the chessboard disrupting the layout of one side and even Pei Ji saw that she was unusual But she quickly adjusted and said with a smile "It's a good thing to be able Pesticide Adjuvants to go to the palace for a banquet It's just that Ah Niang is not feeling well recently I'm afraid she'll make a fool of herself when the time comes I'd better not go" Pei Zhen was noncommittal He picked up the chess pieces and restored the chess game Then he followed Pei Daoru's layout and said casually "I have promised Your Majesty" "All right then" Pei Daoru finally agreed to let the two of them play chess and went to the backyard to arrange dinner Still curious Pei Ji asked Pei Zhen "Brother Zhen maybe this question is a little offensive but I really want to know that there seems to be some estrangement between you and your aunt Why" With one hand Pei Zhen strangled the white dragon and trapped Pei Ji's black pieces in it He glanced at him and said lightly "I was lost when I was young It was my teacher who raised me until I was thirteen or fourteen years old that I recognized Ah Niang" "Hasn't Brother Zhen never seen his father" "When I was still in the womb of Ah Niang my father was killed by mountain bandits Ah Niang jumped into the water and escaped She lived a hard life and finally gave birth to me But an unscrupulous midwife stole me and sold me to a well-off farmer When I was four or five years old I got lost and met my teacher" Pei Ji didn't expect Pei Zhen's life experience to be so rough that he felt guilty and felt that his scars had been exposed And Pei Daoru can dive in the hands of mountain bandits to survive and live alone for many years but there is no market spirit still elegant and noble is also worthy of admiration At the end of a game of chess Pei Ji lost a lot Pei Zhen was so depressed that he patted him on the shoulder and said "My words were all made up to deceive you You were so restless that you asked me to turn the game over Didn't you realize that you were missing a chess piece" Pei Zhen walked away and Pei Ji gnashed his teeth False and true true and false between the square inch On the second day Pei Ji who felt that he had paid his true feelings but had been deceived sulked and sat in Pei Zhen's carriage staring at him with round eyes quite funny and even Pei Daoru had a little more smile on his face When the three of them arrived at the palace they were all romantic and their gestures and gestures made the palace people fall down There was a lot of talk in private Unexpectedly Pei Zhongcheng's mother and younger brother were born so well Their etiquette temperament was better than that of the wife and son of an aristocratic family They were gentle low-key and approachable globalchemmall.com


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