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After all, he led the team this time. The Sky Mark with a strong sense of responsibility never wanted to cause unnecessary trouble because of his mistakes.

"Be willing to give up, of course, it is only an external thing.". But I wonder how you can help me? Your energy is really huge, but it doesn't belong to me. Sky Mark has the experience of negotiating with the Dark God at the beginning, and of course understands that in the face of these powerful creatures, we must strive for the best interests as soon as possible. "The energy in the universe is very complicated, but the characteristics of each kind of energy can be used," said the Vulcan Dragon. "To tell you the truth, I came out with you to absorb more energy of other kinds to strengthen myself. Therefore, I can only give you part of the energy to control, while my spirit will sleep in your right arm and absorb the energy around you. In a hundred years, I can put my own energy at your disposal. When the time comes or your power is no longer needed, find me a stable planet where I can live. At the same time, I can share my knowledge with you when you need it. Of course, you can't overuse my energy, otherwise, I will go on strike. The day mark wanted to think, way: "Good, clinch a deal, nevertheless,rapid sand filters, in the process that you lurk, absolutely cannot destroy my right arm function." "Of course," said the Vulcan Dragon. "In order to release and absorb my energy better, it will only improve and strengthen your arm. Now that we have cooperated, I will not hide from you that your body does not only have my energy. Otherwise, I have already occupied your body with my mental strength. Now, you should be able to believe my sincerity. "Well,Wall Penstocks, that's settled," said Tian Hen. Recall the energy from your right arm first, or I won't be able to wear my clothes. Then, give me back the control of your arm. I won't contact you easily unless necessary. In any case, only the body already has a dark God, more than one Vulcan dragon is nothing, they use their own body as a habitat, the same, must also provide themselves with certain abilities, when there are changes in the future, perhaps they can also play a certain role in restricting. "One thing you must remember," said the Vulcan Dragon. "Don't tell other humans what happened to me in your body. Otherwise, if I encounter any danger, I will destroy your body even if I try to consume energy." "Don't worry, disc air diffuser ,fine bubble diffuser," said Tian Hen indifferently. "I'm not stupid. Let others know your existence. Why don't you study me as a monster?" The transport ship produced a slight vibration, and the sky mark knew that the original body of the deep dragon had been loaded, and the transport ship took off and started the procedure of returning to Earth. Has collected two holy beasts, coupled with the existence of the fire dragon, Tianhen miscellaneous has thrown away the concerns in the heart, as long as they can balance their relationship with these powerful creatures, they can become their own use of tools, as to whether to avoid harm, it depends on their ability. Time passed by minute by minute. The weight of the body of the Earth Fire Dragon was much larger than estimated. It was about two thousand tons. Loading such a heavy thing greatly affected the flight ability of the transport ship. It could only gradually speed up and slowly reach the condition of entering a different space. The first benefit of the successful negotiation with the Earth Fire Dragon was that the Earth Fire Dragon sent out some energy to help the Sky Mark recover most of its lost ability. In order to ensure a safe return to Earth, he did not rest any more. He changed his clothes and came to the control room. After all, he led the team this time. The Sky Mark with a strong sense of responsibility never wanted to cause unnecessary trouble because of his mistakes. The 109th chapter of the main text is to shake the man and the warship. "Boss." Blue four people see the sky mark into the control room, can not help but show concern for the eyes. Tian Hen smiled and waved his arm, which was still as red as crystal, and said, "Don't worry. It's all right. Those fire poisons have not affected me, but have been absorbed by me. Now, I have a certain ability of fire in this arm. This salamander king is really a good treasure." "Not the Vulcan Dragon, not the Lizard King." The Earth Fire Dragon cried discontentedly in the body of the Sky Mark. Lan Lan looked at Tian Hen's ruddy face and breathed a sigh of relief. She tried to touch his right arm. Sure enough, the temperature had returned to normal. Of course, she didn't know. It was because of the introverted firepower. She breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I was scared to death. I can't take any more risks in the future." Hen smiled and said, "We may not be able to meet such a powerful creature as the Lizard King in the future.". How's it going? Can you get us home at the speed of light? The red smoke in charge of control nodded and said, "It should be no problem, but there is still a lot of acceleration time of about an hour. The load is too heavy. If it is replaced by the power system of an ordinary transport ship, I'm afraid the three ships can't reach the speed of light with such a heavy thing.". This time we can say that we have overfulfilled the task, and I think the elders will be very surprised when we go back. Finished the task, everyone seems to be a lot more relaxed, the wind far Hei Hei a smile, said: "That is of course, there is a son of this horse, is not easy to catch it?" Ye Huan giggled and said, "It's really boastful. If it depends on you.". I'm afraid we've all become lunch for the Earth Salamander King. Feng yuan showed a strange ray of light in his eyes and murmured to himself, "It's the first time to hold a woman's body. It feels so good. If only there were such a chance in the future." Ye Huan Qiao blushed, and of course she knew that Feng yuan was referring to being kicked out by the sky mark. The matter of being taken into his arms. Surprisingly, Ye Huan did not refute. At that time, Feng yuan took her down. In order to protect her, he used all his strength to receive the bombardment of a bolide. He vomited three mouthfuls of blood. Up to now, there are still large blackened scars on his back. Lan Lan looked at Ye Huan's embarrassed face. "Sister Yehuan," she said in a low voice, "aren't you ready to marry this guy just because he's a hero?" Ye Huan blushed, "Lan Lan, don't talk nonsense. Even if you want to promise each other, it's the mark of the sky, not the wind." 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