Fire Cantabile Part 2

Snow smiled cute: "I don't want to tell you." She can't see Yu Zihan. Let him be selfish for once. He doesn't want to see Yu Zihan like a song.

Yu Zihan gradually calmed down. He knew that any bit of mental disorder and greed would create opportunities for Night Luo. His face was as calm as ever, but the slight lifting of the corner of his green shirt revealed his inner excitement. "Don't you want to see her?" Asked Night Luo with a smile. "As long as she's alive, that's enough," said Yu Zihan. Night Luo clapped his hands and laughed. "Yes, even if I see her, what can I do?"? Aren't you still a basket case? Ears can't hear, feet can't walk, and if she's in danger again, you still have to watch her die. Yu Zihan covered her lips and coughed gently. A sharp pain pierced his heart, then spread, and the pain made his body cold. Night Luo's eyes sparkled with pleasure: "Exchange with me, I can give you everything, including her love for you, including a healthy body." Yu Zihan looked at him. The corners of his lips were tinged with an indifferent smile. If it's not mine, I don't want it. Night Luo suddenly pinched the golden goblet,caustic calcined magnesite, his eyes were full of angry storms, but immediately, he looked up and laughed, and the laughter was seductive and gentle. "He who has not gained knows not the pain of loss." Night Luo sighed happily. "Well, let you taste the taste of happiness first, the ultimate happiness.". Ten days later,Magnesium Oxide powder, when this happiness is lost, I will listen to you again, whether you still do not want. The dark underworld. The underground river flows quietly. In the dark night, Luo Yin is as beautiful as the soul-stirring Shura, and the blood-red clothes seem to be dyed red with the most painful drop of blood in the hearts of millions of people. Part IV Chapter 11 (2) Zhan Feng stayed in Pinhualou. He drank all day. When he was drunk, he vomited heavily. After vomiting, he continued to drink. The dark blue cloth was stained with alcohol and filth, and his dark blue eyes were bloodshot. His down-and-out figure touched the hearts of many girls in the building. Since then, Cantabile has not said a word to Zhan Feng. She suddenly didn't know how to face him. So she decided to leave. The snow brushed the strings, and the beautiful music flowed from his fingertips. He looked up at the cantabile who had packed his bags and said: "Where are you going?" "I'm going to find Elder Martial Brother Yu." Although I don't know where he is, it's not the way to wait in Pinhualou. Where can I find it? "I don't know." Cantabile packed the baggage and looked around to see if there was anything missing. The world is so big that no direction is like looking for a needle in a haystack. "But I have you." Cantabile smiled at him. Snow picked out a treble, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Magnesium Oxide price, clear treble around the beam for a long time, slowly dispersed. He shook his head. "I don't know where Yu Zihan is." Cantabile looked at him: "You said, you know everything." The snow sighed softly. Snow.. She begged him. Snow still shakes her head, and her skin is as transparent as the first dew in the morning, so beautiful that it is light and beautiful that it will evaporate in the sunshine at any time. Cantabile bit his lip: "You are not willing to tell me?"? Or do you really not know? Snow smiled cute: "I don't want to tell you." She can't see Yu Zihan. Let him be selfish for once. He doesn't want to see Yu Zihan like a song. There was a light of surprise in Cantabile's eyes: "Why, you clearly know the whereabouts of the Elder Martial Brother, why don't you tell me?" Snow sniffs, thin angry way: "You promised to try to love me!" " "I'm going to find my brother." "You only think of that jade from the cold, before you left me for him, for him, you can even let me die." The heart of the snow throbbed, and the tears shone in the sad eyes of the stars. I didn't. Cantabile. If Yu Zihan and I could only survive, who would you choose. Cantabile did not hear clearly, but saw that his lips seemed to be saying something, but his expression was so sad that her heart suddenly throbbed. So she went to Snow's side, squatted down gently, and looked at him carefully. Tears of snow fell to her lips. Tears have a faint salty taste and the fragrance of flying flowers. Ruge wiped his tears with his sleeve: "Snow, don't cry like a child. I like people like heroes." Snow was stunned. Then, the beautiful lips burst into a smile that made the flowers pale. Bitch, you know I'm not a hero. ” Cantabile winked: "Heroes, not necessarily very burly very cold, as long as there is a very good heart, is a hero.". But heroes don't always cry. His tears always made her sad and helpless. Snow holds her breath: "As long as you are kind, will you like me?" Nod like a song. If Yu Zihan becomes evil, you won't like him anymore, will you? The snow sparkled strangely. Elder Martial Brother will not become evil. "What if?" "There is no such possibility." Snow was silent for a moment: "I can tell you where Yu Zihan is, but you have to promise me one condition." “……?” "Let me kiss you." Cantabile cheeks suddenly rose red. Snow hugged her gently and breathed, "You said you would try to love me, so let me kiss you.". Otherwise, I will worry that you like Yu Zihan, and then I don't want to tell you where Yu Zihan is. Cantabile stopped struggling. She closed her eyes gently and her eyelashes quivered. "Good." Afternoon sunshine, with a little warmth of early spring, slanted into the house through carved wooden windows. The whole body of the red jade phoenix lute is transparent. The white jade incense burner is curling with quiet fragrance. The white clothes of snow are shining brightly and dazzling. The cantabile red dress is surprisingly gentle. Snow kissed Cantabile on the cheek. Like the light and cool fragrance of flowers in early spring, like the gentle ripples of spring water, a kind of feeling that makes people feel slightly sour,potassium sulphate fertilizer, which fluctuates in detail near dusk. Zhan Feng leaned against the window. He curled up and vomited silently. There was nothing in his stomach, only transparent bile. A pain that made his body tremble like a leaf in the wind. Great victory in Yuping! The battle report reached the capital, and the whole country celebrated!.


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