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This is even more confirmed the reputation of the Tigers as "robbing the rich to help the poor", gaining points from the strong teams and then helping the weak teams

On the second day of the competition, the LX team's opponent was the HT team, which was in the middle of the year. Coincidentally, on this day, the Tiger Team's opponent was the GM Team, the champion of the Spring Tournament. The Tiger Team, which originally thought it had broken the spell, played well in this game and won the GM Team directly by 2:1. This is even more confirmed the reputation of the Tigers as "robbing the rich to help the poor", gaining points from the strong teams and then helping the weak teams. And this round, the LX team, which was not favored by the outside world, relied on the fast-break rhythm and took away the opponent HT team directly with 2:0. Game after game. Team LX went straight for a six-game winning streak. In the end, the winning streak was ended and lost to the FAG team. As a veteran and powerful team, the FAG team has won three summer championships and two spring championships. Their players are top-matched, and the team also has the most luxurious coaching team in the league. The coaching team of the FAG team found the right way to play the LX team, which directly ended the winning streak of LX. But even so, LX still ranked first in the Eastern Conference with a record of six wins and one loss. After losing to FAG, LX lost another game. When the outside world thought that the winning streak of the LX team was just a flash in the pan, the LX team adjusted its tactics and played a wave of six consecutive wins. It was only the last closing battle. Once it faced the FAG team and lost again. Until the end of the summer regular season, the LX team still ranked second in the total score list with 12 wins and 3 losses. The competition in LPL is just an appetizer for Shao Yu, focusing on the S match after the summer match. S competition, also known as the global finals, is organized by the game official, from the major competition areas to select excellent teams to compete for the only champion. It is also a game with the highest gold content in the League of Heroes. The lifelong dream of countless lol professional players is to win an S championship. The LPL division will select three teams to participate in the S tournament every year, and the selection method is determined according to the points of the spring and summer tournament. The summer playoff champion will be directly sent to the S tournament. The team with the highest total points in the spring and summer tournament will also get a place in the S tournament. The last place will be decided through the bubble tournament. Before Shao Yu's return,Magnesium Oxide powder, the LX team performed poorly in the spring tournament and belonged to the bottom level, so the points in the spring tournament were zero, so they could not enter the S tournament through the first way of points. There is also a threshold to participate in the bubble tournament, and the team with insufficient points is not qualified to participate in the bubble tournament at all. There is only one way for the LX team to participate in the S tournament, and that is to win the summer playoff championship. On August 22, the summer playoffs began. The playoffs adopt the elimination tournament system. A total of eight teams entered the playoffs. There were two games in the first round. One was the fifth place in the regular season to play the eighth place in the regular season, and the other was the sixth place to play the seventh place. The winners of the two games will advance to the next round, where they will face the third place in the regular season and the fourth place in the regular season. The loser is eliminated, and the winner enters the next round. The opponents in the next round are the first place in the regular season and the second place in the regular season. That is to say, Shao Yu's LX team only needs to play one match in the first three rounds, and has enough time to observe their opponents. After two rounds of competition, LX's next opponent has been decided, Magnesium Oxide price ,calcium ammonium nitrate price, which is the fourth FAG team in the regular season. In the regular season, the LX team lost a total of three games, but twice lost to the FAG team, and the FAG team, since the establishment of the team has never been absent from the world tournament, so it generally looked down on the LX team before the game. In the playoff stage, every game is very important, so before this game, the tournament organizers had sent reporters to record the players'personal VCR. Each contestant recorded a 1-3 three-minute VCR. FAG is a veteran team, even if there are new players in the team, but they are used to such things. In contrast, the players of LX team are a little shy in front of the camera. Therefore, on the day of the match, the VCR on the venue showed that the players of FAG team were cruel, while the players of LX team were somewhat submissive. "I watched the Killer player's game for a season, and it seems that he only knows three heroes: Card Master, Zoe and Niko. If these three heroes are banned, the Killer player will probably not play. I hope that this time the Killer player will play well even if he chooses a hero who can't play, but he won't be officially recognized as a fake after the game." Another two-year ban. Shao Yu's opponent on the big screen said so. As soon as the screen turned, Shao Yu's face appeared on it and said with a smile: "I am a player who has changed from a wild to a single player. Although I have played for a season, I still feel that I can only play three heroes, namely, the card master, Zoe and Niko. My opponent is the hero sea, who can play everything. I hope the opposite side will spare your hands and not ban these three heroes." This kind of VCR, on the imposing manner directly short one section, the match also felt like is a punch hits on the cotton. It's like saying, "You're a loser." And Shao Yu responded at the speed of light: "You are right, I am a waste." Originally the audience was looking forward to the harsh words link, was completely destroyed by Shao Yu, such a soft and light response, even LX fans feel a little humiliated. Harsh words link, that can only rely on the game to warm up. Soon, the game began. The FAG team, as they said before the game, directly banned Shao Yu's three heroes. Brother Shao, they really believe that you only know these three heroes. Sun Liran was a little dumbfounded. I didn't think the FAG team was really so silly. Shao Yu smiled and said, "It's time to be happy." Teammates were reluctant and asked, "Do you really want to choose this hero?" "Choose, they all give face like this. If I don't respond, won't I be sorry for their arrangement?" The LX team left the last choice to Shao Yu. Zhao Xiaomao's face was full of reluctance,Magnesium Sulphate price, but he still locked a happy head portrait for Shao Yu. Death, like the wind, is always with me. Chapter 201 e-sports dreamers (7). stargrace-magnesite.com


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