Villain Takes Me to Be White, Rich and Beautiful

Villain Takes Me to Be White, Rich and Beautiful [Chuanshu] (Common No.: Xitulanya House of Everything

Xu Zhuo arrived with them almost at the same time. He was dressed very casually today. A long beige windbreaker made him a little less tough as a soldier and several years younger. Also do not know to say is a coincidence or unfortunately, Fu Shuyang today is wearing a beige pullover sweater, a little more warm, a lot less hostility. Two men, one is mature and steady, the other is vigorous and handsome. As soon as they met, without waiting for Xu Mei's introduction, they looked at each other first, and in an instant Xu Mei seemed to see sparks splashing in the air. She finally had to admit that she was not smart enough to do it. Xu Mei moved a stool over and sat between them, pretending that the years were well: "I invite you to dinner." "I've already ordered it." Xu Zhuo said, "eat after talking about things." Xu Mei:.. All right, little uncle. If you need to know any details, you can ask the senior. She tried her best to hint, and Xu Zhuo opened his mouth like a stream of good advice: "Well.". Mr. Fu is very handsome. There must be a lot of people chasing him, right? Xu Mei: "Cough.." Fu Shuyang calmly poured a glass of water for Xu Mei. Xu Zhuo reached out his hand and patted Xu Mei on the back. He also explained, "These are all details." "Maybe, but I don't know." Fu Shuyang replied, "Few people dare to express their love to me face to face. I don't leave a girl's phone number or add a girl's WeChat. If someone writes a letter,304 Stainless Steel Coil, my roommate usually helps me go back the way I came." Xu Mei even forgot to cough. Does the villain really not have a girl's wechat and phone number? No, wait.. She seems to have Fu Shuyang's phone number and Wechat? Fu Shuyang didn't treat her as a girl?! Xu Zhuo didn't seem to expect Fu Shuyang to cooperate so much. He raised his eyebrows slightly: "Why should I believe what you said?" This is a bit provocative, Xu Mei temporarily pressed down the doubts in her mind, while blinking at Xu Zhuo, while looking at Fu Shuyang worriedly. Fu Shuyang put his mobile phone on the desktop: "You can verify it." "Then you haven't been moved?" Xu Zhuo glanced at his cell phone, did not touch it,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, and asked, "Don't you want to fall in love, or." Do you have other hobbies? Fu Shuyang:.. If I like a person, I will take the initiative to chase her, and I will not wait for her to chase me. Xu Zhuo took one look at Xu Mei and asked, "Have you ever chased anyone?" Fu Shuyang also glanced at Xu Mei: "No." Xu Zhuo: "So you haven't been in love yet?" Fu Shuyang: "Yes." Xu Zhuo: "So, have you made an appointment with the cannon?" Fu Shuyang: ".." Do you really want to be so painful? Xu Mei: "Cough.." Uncle Not caring about anything else, she grabbed Xu Zhuo's arm and whispered, "What are you asking?"? We're here to talk about a case, not a blind date! "It's also related to the case." Xu Zhuo is very calm tunnel. Xu Mei:.. What does it matter? "To test whether he is an honest man." Xu Zhuo is serious. Xu Mei: Uncle, I was wrong. Never look at handsome boys again, let's eat, after eating. "No." Fu Shuyang interrupted Xu Mei. Xu Mei: ".." "Why don't you go out and play for a while?" Xu Zhuo looked at her face red, Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe ,stainless steel welded pipe, in the end not very hard to bear. Xu Mei:.. I don't want you to go on. "Okay." Xu Zhuo nodded and continued to ask Fu Shuyang, "is the first kiss still there?" The author has something to say: Thanks to the little angel who irrigates [nutrient solution]: Purple 9 bottles; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! Chapter 32 Fu Shuyang really didn't want to answer this time. I've lived two lifetimes, but I haven't been in love. Even my first kiss is still there. I'm embarrassed to say it. The point is that he earned so much money. Where did he spend it? Why don't you want to find a woman? Fu Shuyang seriously recalled, suddenly felt that the previous life seems to have been very far away from him, at that time a lot of ideas, he actually felt strange. Maybe he doesn't have a lover. He's a bit of a neat freak, psychologically. Fu Shuyang looked at Xu Mei subconsciously, just in her line of sight. Xu Mei was hit by Xu Zhuo again and again, and finally curiosity overcame shame. She also wanted to know if Fu Shuyang's first kiss was still there. The girl's skin is white and tender, her cheeks are a little baby fat, maybe because of curiosity, her eyes are wide open unconsciously, and she looks innocent. Through the window, the sun shines on her lips, which are more and more moist and lustrous. Fu Shuyang did not open the line of sight, paused, or very honest answer: "Yes." He looked light, but his eyes were watching Xu Mei's reaction through the window glass. Xu Mei's eyes quickly rose with a smile that could not be hidden. This villain is so good, graduate students are about to graduate, the first kiss has not been sent out, not like a villain. As long as Fu Shuyang is not black, with his condition, he will be able to find a good girl to fall in love in the future. So, it's a good thing that the first kiss is still there. Xu Zhuo is also observing two people, he saw Fu Shuyang stay on the line of sight of Xu Mei's lips, also did not ignore the smile of Xu Mei's fundus. In Xu Zhuo's view, this smile is naturally secretly pleased, is the embodiment of the girl's mind, where do you know that she is now worried about the old mother's heart? "Meimei told me about you and your mentor." Xu Zhuo did not ask strange questions again. "If you report the case, as a policeman, I will naturally try my best to find out the truth.". But now that you're asking me for help in private, things are different. Xu Zhuo has been thinking about Xu Mei these days. When he heard Xu Mei talking about Fu Shuyang that day, his first reaction was that he was very angry, because when Xu Mu first talked to him about Xu Zhongya, it was almost the same look. But he quickly steadied himself and did not show it. These years Xu Zhuo has been very regretful, if at the beginning he did not because do not like Xu Zhongya far away, but has been living in Xu Mu side, he is not already found clues? Will Xu Mu not die? If there is no meaning, the dead can not be resurrected,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but it can be used as a lesson. Now Xu Mei encountered the same situation, Xu Zhuo will think, can no longer use the original way to treat Xu Mu to Xu Mei.


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