Three immortals in Jianghu

Before they arrived at the business, they met with a flood of victims! Shui Qinghua stepped forward and asked, "Fellow villagers, did the Yellow River burst its dike that day?"

"Elder sister," said Xiaojuan, "Lord Zheng said that Huang was well-prepared this time, and there wouldn't be any casualties, but the number of people fleeing would increase. Besides taking care of food, he also prepared 100,000 taels of silver, and planned to pay five taels of travel expenses for each person." Shui Qinghua sighed: "Alas!"! If there were more people like Lord Zheng in the whole country, Huang would not be terrible! Because time is pressing, Shui Qinghua said goodbye and looked down! Accompanied by Xiaojuan in Lanfeng! Look at the third township, it is Deshankou, although not as ideal as Baishan Township, it is also very satisfying! Why? Not only did he buy all the grain because he had received three thousand taels of silver from Xiaojuan for the first time, but he also said to everyone, "The passers-by are so enthusiastic about helping Huang. Can the people of our native hometown remain indifferent?" As a result, the villagers were deeply moved, and the villagers set up disaster relief associations one after another. Those who had money donated money, and those who had food donated food! Shui Qinghua was very happy to see it! Pass Lanfeng, go to Dingtao! Here is the host of the Cha brothers, because of local support, the results are quite good, she did not look down, went directly to Yangzhou! Half of the main hall,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the headquarters of the unified religion, has been built, and Shui Qinghua is very happy to see it! "Second Younger Martial Sister," said Wu You, "what gods are we offering in the main hall of the Unification Church?" "Elder Martial Brother, the Emperor of Heaven, yuanshi Tianzun, is the Lord of all gods. We offer yuanshi Tianzun, and accompany the ancestors of Buddhism,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, Taoism and Confucianism." "It's no problem for the Buddha to offer to Shakyamuni Buddha. There are many Taoist sects. Who should he offer to?" "Lao Tzu!" "Is it all right for the Confucianists to offer the Jade Sage?" "Yes!" All right, the root of the unified religion, that's the decision! The next day! He went to see Qian Shentong! As soon as Qian Shentong saw her, he raised his thumb and said with a smile, "Master, your merits are immeasurable!" "That requires the cooperation and support of Qian Lao!" "In that case, for the sake of the unified religion, I can lose my life!" The two men laughed at each other! Shui Qinghua asked, "Old Qian, have Younger Martial Brother Zhu and Younger Martial Brother Hou gone with the brothers?" "No, still rushing to buy grain?" "Yangzhou is a land of fish and rice. Is it not easy to buy grain?" "No, when Brother Zhu came, he said he wanted to bring a hundred thousand silver to buy grain!"! When I knew what you were doing, I consulted with them. They all thought you were right. They decided to give their full support and transferred another two hundred thousand silver for relief. Now they are buying and transporting at the same time! "Thank you for the victims in Huangfan District!" "What are you talking about? We are all believers!" Finish saying, two people laugh again! When she got to Qian Fu, she made out with the Seven Evil Spirits again! After a while, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, the pigs came back! As soon as they met, the pig asked, "Elder sister, has the Yellow River burst its banks?" "I didn't have it when I came, but it should be about the same now, so you have to buy it first!" "When are you going back, sister?" "I have something to do and I'll leave soon!" "What is it?" "Buy salt!" Qian Tongshen said, "Do you want to buy salt?" "Yes!" "Master, it's a controlled product!" "Henan Province is short of salt because of the management of products. Is there any way for Qian Lao?" "There are four big salt merchants in Yangzhou. They usually have some friendship with me. How much do you want?" "Is thirty cars all right?" "I'll deal with them!" "Thank you!" Boss Qian, this local snake, is really not simple. He talked with the four salt merchants. Without saying anything, the next day he sent the car and salt to Qian Mansion! After water Qinghua thanks, escort the car back to the north! Because the grain truck is on the way, plus dozens of trucks of salt, the packaging is the same, to Kaifeng this section of the road, but unimpeded! Before they arrived at the business, they met with a flood of victims! Shui Qinghua stepped forward and asked, "Fellow villagers, did the Yellow River burst its dike that day?" The victims were stunned by the question! That day? They don't know! Catching up with the driver, he found that it was unreasonable. If there was no flood, he would run around blindly. "If there was no flood, what were you running away from?" He asked. "Sir, you don't know that the water is still five feet away from the surface of the dike, and the immortals are warning us in the air, and there are orders from Lord Futai, so we can escape!" Shui Qinghua asks: "You escape all the way, does each place take care of all right?" "Auntie, there seems to be a Bodhisattva blessing all the way. Wherever you go, you can eat and drink. Some places not only have food and drink, but also give money!" "Why didn't you stay when someone was in charge of eating and drinking along the way?" "No, we have to stay, and the victims will catch up with us again!" "Will a lot of people die this year as usual?" "No, no. This year we have the blessing of the Bodhisattva. In previous years, when we went to Shang, although we were only four or five hundred Li away, we had to walk for a month, and most of the people were killed or wounded. This year we have been here for less than ten days, and no one has been killed or wounded on the way!" "Where are you going?" "As before, go to Xuzhou to seek relatives and friends!" "Good!"! You go, go to the same person to receive! "How do you know?" "I saw a grain truck on the road ahead!" Shui Qinghua finished and went away with the salt cart! They were talking so loudly that some of them recognized it! After waiting for salt car to go, recognize a voice this way: "Brother, we go ahead, before the meal is good! Before the meal is good!" Somebody says: "Two fools, you do not talk nonsense!" "Really!"! I smell the smell of rice! Everybody sniffed sniff: "You are really his mother Hu Gai!" "Hu Gai!"! Didn't you hear that? The voice of the female Bodhisattva just now was the same as that of the immortal who warned in the sky that day. This was the immortal who came to enlighten him! Everyone thought, but not a voice, to the direction of the disappearance of the water Qinghua knelt on the ground, pious worship! The seventh chapter Kaifeng prefect saves the people As soon as she went out, Shui Qinghua ordered the carriage to go straight to Kaifeng, and she herself went to Dingtao County. By this time, Dingtao County had become Zeguo! It took a lot of effort to find the Cha brothers. As soon as we met, she first said that she had worked hard. Zha Xuan asked,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, "The religious leader has come back. What is the situation of the victims along the way?" "I ran into the first group in business, and they said it went well this time. What's the situation here?" "The local residents along the coast here have long been evacuated, and now all the victims have fled from above!" "Is there any food for relief?" 。


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