The Great Ape King

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There is no other reason. Those who practice the Great Sun Tathagata's blessing of divine change naturally take this founder as the highest practice

With such a powerful threat, all the bandits in the Yellow Wind Stronghold looked like dirt. They saw the two leaders of the Stronghold, who were captured like a chicken. The big leader of the Stronhold was not in the Stronhold, and there was no backbone. Ten of them were willing to surrender. The remaining few stubborn Wang Fo'er did not ask whether they were two or three, but threw them into the back village first. We are now resting in Huangfeng Stronghold tonight, and we will continue to go south tomorrow! As soon as Wang Fo'er spoke, naturally someone went down the mountain to pick up the monk soldiers and villagers who had stayed at the foot of the mountain. Huangfeng Stronghold covers a small area, and the houses are rather crude. These more than three thousand people live here, but they are still quite cramped. However, these villagers are very hard-working, and no one complains. Wang Fo'er and the Eight Elders are still resting in the fine bronze chariot. He put the two village leaders on the chariot and prepared to interrogate them carefully. The Huangfeng Stronghold strategy, although because the strength gap between the two sides is too large, the end of the battle is easy. However, Wang Fo'er did not meet the big Stronghold Leader who was bragged by the three Stronghold Leaders. He always felt something was wrong in his heart. After the second Stronghold Leader was woken up, he looked at Tan Guang and shouted abuse. Thousands of thieves were bald, and thousands of bald donkeys were scolded endlessly. The third Stronghold Leader was a little miserable by Wang Fo'er, but he was quite clever, but his eyes were not very kind. Tan Guang was well cultivated, but Ling Shan had a very bad temper. He was scolded by the Lord of the Second Stronghold. Without waiting for Wang Fo'er to start interrogating him,warehouse storage racks, he grabbed him with a big hand and put a few air holes on his body. The bearded man immediately became as miserable as a chicken. The Three Stronghold Leader was still somewhat loyal, and when he saw that his second brother was crying too miserably, he hurriedly begged Wang Fo'er for mercy. My second brother has a bad temper, and I will persuade him not to use foul language. Buddhas, please spare your hands! "Kill all these bandits," said Lingshan angrily. "What are you asking?" He clapped his hands and tried to kill two people. Wang Fo'er cried out, "Where will the Dharma Protector be?" Zhi Lou Jia, the Buddha carries the Ba Luo to appear from the empty air,cantilever racking system, four palms strike each other, abruptly stopped the palm force of Lingshan. Seeing the two Dharma protectors, Lingshan snorted and stopped shooting. As soon as Wang Fo'er stretched out his hand to untie the ban on the Lord of the Second Stronghold, he was not in the mood to ask. He waved his hand and threw it out of the car. He asked the monk to tie it up and put it in the back of the Stronghold. He groaned angrily and said, "Since Elder Lingshan is so dissatisfied with his desire, you can keep vigil tonight. It is said that there is a big leader in Huangfeng Stronghold who is very good at kung fu.". You mustn't neglect your duty lest this man come back and attack us. In a fit of pique, Lingshan snatched out the fine bronze chariot and shouted, "I hope that son of a bitch will come back tonight. I'll make him regret being a thief all his life!" Wang Fo'er shrugged his shoulders and began to meditate. Sinking into the sea of knowledge, the place where the grey clouds were originally rolling in has gradually come to life. The image of Kumaragupta's incarnation, the Great Nikkei's transformation into a wonderful light like a red sun, and the ancient giant ape's transformation into Uighur's practice notes have become clearer. It has also become more humane because of the recent questions and answers with Wang Fo'er. The man in white, who was with the Archaean giant ape, appeared and disappeared, heavy duty rack manufacturers ,shuttle rack system, and Wang Fo'er could not figure it out. At the beginning, he had copied two more things, which were mixed in Huang's notes of spiritual practice, and he had no time to look at them. The Great Nikkei was originally a Buddhist sutra for cultivating and accumulating True Qi and reciting power. Wang Fo'er's own True Qi and reciting power have already reached the fifth grade, so it's naturally easier to start from scratch. The Great Nikkei has different origins, many ways to start, and different achievements in the end. Wang Fo'er thought for a long time before deciding on the path of practice in the future. What he chose was the most authentic source, which originated from the Great Sun Tathagata. There is no other reason. Those who practice the Great Sun Tathagata's blessing of divine change naturally take this founder as the highest practice, and his version should be the easiest to achieve the ultimate achievement. Wang Fo'er started to practice, did not dare to pursue speed, and thoroughly analyzed the problems that would arise in every step of practice, which was reassuring. Lingshan out of the fine bronze chariot, in the heart angry, big thunder sound temple host, was originally in his hands, but inexplicably after the five first business, unexpectedly decided Wang Fo'er as. Moreover, Zen Master Yixiu, who was in the Great Free Court, also appointed him to follow Wang Fo'er this time, which made him even more angry. Lingshan has been following Zen Master Yixiu since he was young. He has great respect for this master and dares not oppose the decision of Zen Master Yixiu. Originally, he thought that Wang Fo'er was just a six-year-old boy. What means could he have? After several conflicts, he was beaten by Wang Fo'er's two Dharma protectors and lost his temper. With so many grudges gathered together, Lingshan only hoped that someone would come out and let him beat him up so that he could relieve his sulk a little. He circled around Huangfeng Stronghold, found an old tree, jumped up lightly, meditated on a thick branch, released his spiritual consciousness, and enveloped the whole Stronghold. After Wang Fo'er finished a big Nikkei mental movement, he slowly withdrew from the sea of knowledge. Suddenly, he had a sudden inspiration and quietly came out of the fine copper chariot. He looked up and saw the old monk of Lingshan. He smiled and called softly, "Yu Daosui, how do you feel?" Yu Daosui sent out a spiritual consciousness in the staff of the serpent, which was transmitted to Wang Fo'er's heart. He said, "Three miles away, there is an enemy invasion. Judging from the sound of footsteps, there are only five grades of cultivation." www.xiAoshuotxT.cOM In the second round, Ten Injustice Swords defeated Lingshan. "No, it's less than five grades." Yu Daosui was suddenly greatly surprised in the serpent's staff, corrected his judgment in the last sentence, and then lost his voice. Wang Fo'er was surprised and asked again, but Yu Dao Sui was silent. Less than five grades I can deal with, what can be great! See how Lingshan ravages that fellow. When you reach the fifth grade, you will have some abilities that you could not do before. It is the lowest threshold for a warrior to practice the magic weapon's air blade. It is also the basis for condensing the six senses to release outside the body and explore the changes of the surrounding breath. When Wang Fo'er returned from the evil ghost path,shuttle rack system, he had already opened the last consciousness, which was called the third eye power by Buddhism. The acuteness of the sense of inspiration is better than that of ordinary masters. Therefore, he was able to feel the invasion of the enemy a little earlier than Lingshan.