The famous grass has its owner

Now that Zhong yuan has appeared, with the hardware conditions of this fellow, it must be no problem to play a supporting role or more.

"Muer, do you hate me?" He suddenly stood still, looked straight at me, and asked lightly. I shook my head. "No." "Then why don't you accept me?" I scratched my hair. "Well, I have a boyfriend. Your behavior is a third party. It's very bad, okay?" Sorry, Zhong yuan, you are better at the critical moment. Su Yan smiled inscrutably, not at all like a boy under eighteen. "You don't have to lie to me, I can see that.". Zhong yuan's performance is very good, but you are too bad. I lowered my head guiltily, not knowing whether his words were true or not. Su Yan added, "So I'm on a fair footing with Zhong yuan or someone else. I hope you don't discriminate against me." I shook my head. "I don't discriminate against you. I just don't like you. Of course I can't accept you. It's as simple as that.". I don't hate you either, but not hating doesn't mean liking, you know. But Su Yan laughed and said, "You haven't tried to like me yet. How do you know you don't like me?" Uh. Eh? How is that logical?? Su Yan: "This is like a plate of snacks, you have not eaten, how do you know whether it is delicious or not, whether it is suitable for your taste?"? You have to taste at least one bite to decide whether you want to continue eating? This bite is a chance for the snack and a chance for yourself. "You are so eloquent." Su Yan smiled, "I'm flattered. I just hope you can leave me a chance. Why did you say no first when you didn't try to accept it?" I scratched my head and felt as if he was right and wrong, "but." "No but,Ozone generator ceramic plate," Su Yan suddenly put his hands on my shoulders and looked at me seriously, "I hope you try to accept me first, and then push me away when you're sure you really can't accept it, can you?" "Well," I wanted to say no, but when I saw Su Yan looking at me so sincerely, I thought he was right,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, so I had to nod. "All right." Su Yan's face suddenly spread a warm smile, "did you promise me to chase you?" I looked at him stupidly, "as if." Right Su Yan: "Why are you looking at me like that?" Me: "Nothing, just feel you suddenly become very normal, good do not adapt." Su Yan: ".." …… The next day, Xiao Er told Zhong yuan about her film, and as a snitch, because he was afraid that Zhong yuan would be jealous. But to my surprise, the waiter just asked casually, but Zhong yuan happily agreed to act in the film, but the premise is that he can only play the leading role. So there was a little disagreement within our crew. The film has two main characters, one supporting character, and the rest are relatively minor characters. Originally, the roles other than the leading roles were divided up by the good-looking actors produced by the film club. Although they were reluctant to take part in a film with abnormal sexual orientation, they could not refuse because of the pressure of the vice president. Considering that the film follows the principle that acting skills can be absent, Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters ,10g Ozone Generator, but appearance must be present, the protagonists are me and Su Yan. Now that Zhong yuan has appeared, with the hardware conditions of this fellow, it must be no problem to play a supporting role or more. The problem is that this guy plays a big card and does not play the leading role. Therefore, the situation is that the actors of other roles are already in place, only the three of us, and the distribution of the leading and supporting roles is uneven. Zhong yuan sat in the conference room of the film club, smiling and listening patiently to Xiaojie's talk about the difficulties of role assignment. The central idea she wanted to express was that the leading role had been decided. Zhong yuan, please make do with the supporting role. The supporting role is also a very important role. After listening to Xiaojie's words, Zhong yuan said calmly, "Well, you can proceed according to the original plan as if I had never been here." As soon as Zhong yuan finished speaking, the waiter could not sit still at first, and pulled Xiaojie to discuss in private for a long time, but also did not discuss a result. Xiao Er hopes that Zhong yuan can replace Su Yan, while Xiao Jie insists on defending Su Yan's position. The two men made an analysis from N aspects, and finally they were deadlocked. At this time, Su Yan, who had been silent for a long time, said, "I can provide title sponsorship for this film, and your equipment should be improved, right?" When Xiaojie heard this, his eyes lit up in an instant, and the temptation was undoubtedly enormous. However, Zhong yuan said slowly: "How much his sponsorship is, how much my sponsorship can be, or more." So the negotiations reached an impasse. Waiter and Xiaojie finally discussed the dry mouth, and finally reached an agreement: this question is answered by Muer! In a flash, four pairs of eyes all looked at me, and each eye was so hot that it could cook me. I gave a dry cough and said weakly, "I have a perfect suggestion." "Say." I looked at Zhong yuan and Su Yan, "then what, why don't you let me play a supporting role?" "No." "I object." "I agree." "That's a good idea." Four voices sounded at the same time, the two boys were very irritable after listening to my words, while the two wretched guys, Xiaojie, were surprised by their sudden enlightenment. Xiaojie was even so excited that my hairstyle was in a mess. What else did Zhong yuan and Su Yan want to say? Xiaojie knocked on the table with his pen and said, "Don't make a noise. Just do what Muer said. I'm the director and I have the final say!" Zhong yuan looked at me and suddenly smiled eerily. Then he turned to look at Su Yan and said, "Well, I decided to listen to the director's arrangement." Su Yan stared at Zhong yuan in disbelief. Zhong yuan turned over the script in his hand and solemnly said to Su Yan, "Well, there is a princess hugging in a scene. Are you hugging me or am I hugging you?" Su Yan looked at Zhong yuan with a twisted face like a fly. "You don't really want to act, do you?" Zhong yuan nodded, "otherwise what else can I do? I don't want to play a supporting role." By the way, are you hugging me or am I hugging you? Personally,cordierite c520, I prefer to hug others. Of course, I will respect your choice. Su Yan stroked his forehead, "I won't hug a man or be hugged by a man!" 。


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