things turned out to be unimaginably good

Who would have thought that Zhang Gaochan, a warrior God, would be so gutless that he would hide from them!"! As a result, things turned out to be unimaginably good.

"Senior Lin Yu, Phoenix Knife!" Unexpectedly, Lin Yu also went to Jiankang. First, he was Zuo Fei's master. Second, Lin Yu's reputation in Jianghu was similar to Ding Yuzhan's. Wang Tianyi had heard his chivalrous name countless times when he was studying in Qingcheng. Knowing that this man was scattered in Kunlun, he took the relatives and children of his former brothers and subordinates to live a hard life, even to the point of making a living by busking, but he did not do evil because of poverty, but was poor and strong. Be more chivalrous and act fairly. People in Jianghu always give a thumbs-up. Wang Tianyi also admired his character very much, and he had a very close relationship with Zuo Fei, so when he saw Lin Yu, he was a disciple, and the etiquette was very respectful. I just arrived in Jiankang. Lin Yu answered Wang Tianyi's greeting, sighed, and then his face fluttered and he chatted with Wang Tianyi. Wang Tianyi himself believed in loyalty, and Lin Yu's actions originated from Confucianism. The two came down in one continuous line. In addition, one had admiration and practiced what he preached, while the other was well-informed in his life. The two chatted very speculatively. After talking for a long time,aluminum tile trim, Wang Tianyi saw that Lin Yu's question seemed to point to something, so he asked directly, "What can I do for you, Mr. Lin?"? My Brocade Robe Team is to help all the distinguished guests solve their problems, but you can say it's okay. Lin Yu hesitated for a moment and asked, "Wang Sili, I want you to help me with Bihuan.". Women talk about three obediences and four virtues. Marry a chicken and follow the chicken. Marry a dog and follow the dog. He is his wife's dowry servant girl. Naturally,stainless steel tile edge trim, he is a Kunlun man, not a disciple of Wudang. Now one of her daughters is out in public and doesn't come to serve her master. It's really not in line with the etiquette. Can you please send her back to Kunlun? Are you also a lobbyist? Unfortunately, Bihuan is a treasure now and can't give it to you. Wang Tianyi thought to himself, but with a bitter look on his face, he said, "What Elder Lin said is true, but there are rules in Jianghu.". The Wudang gold medal in her hand is an important seal, and we dare not dispose of it at will. "The gold medal belongs to the lady, and one of her servant girls is swindling with the master's gold medal!"! Doesn't the Changle Gang even know that? There was a trace of anger on Lin Yu's face. The so-called gold medal is only a token of identity, but a token is a token, otherwise what is the purpose of making a token? Wang Tianyi said, "Fortunately, the distinguished guest of Wudang will be here soon. We will send this person to the guest of Wudang for decision. Anyway, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel edge trim, you are a family. Don't worry about anything." Lin Yu said a lot, but Wang Tianyi is not loose mouth, this is a gang thing, how can loose mouth. Wang Tianyi looked at Lin Yu's dejected face and thought to himself that it was almost time, so he got up and left. Zuo Fei sent Wang Tianyi out. Seeing no one around, Zuo Fei pulled Wang Tianyi. Wang Tiayi turned to look in astonishment and shouted, "Have you been scolded by your teacher again?"? What kind of face is that? Come and drink with me, will you? "Alas," Zuo Fei's face was actually not much better than his master's. He was green for a while and white for a while. "That shrew was originally a bully. She was feared by everyone in Kunlun. That day she galloped out of Shouzhou in anger. The teacher felt that things were not good and wanted to follow her. But there were a lot of things in the gang. He just arrived in Jiankang today, but it was still too late. After knowing the matter, he even had the heart to die. Alas, he scolded me so much that he just took out a knife to kill me. Wang Tianyi thought to himself, "We brought Bihuan here just to let Zhang Gaochan drive away the evil spirits of the Murong family. Don't let the whole sect go to Murong's command. Who would have thought that Zhang Gaochan, a warrior God, would be so gutless that he would hide from them!"! As a result, things turned out to be unimaginably good. But what does this have to do with you, Zuo Fei, a small man in Kunlun? So Wang Tianyi asked, "What does this have to do with you? Why did your teacher scold you?" Zuo Fei squatted on the ground and said dejectedly, "Oh, don't mention it. The teacher said that this was a crazy slave deceiving the Lord. Since you were there at that time, why didn't you go up and kill her with a knife?" "What?" Wang Tianyi opened his eyes wide. He didn't expect that Lin Yu, the former chivalrous hero, would be a hundred times more ferocious than Zhang Gaochan, the best in the world. Wang Tianyi slowly squatted down in front of Zuo Fei in disbelief. He opened his eyes wide and said, "I didn't expect your teacher to be so brave. I didn't think of it yet."? He used to be a busker in Jianghu, but he hardly heard of killing anyone. "Damn, I used to be poor, but I was happy!" Zuo Fei pulled the pebbles on the ground mercilessly: "After the Phoenix Knife Gate returned to Kunlun, the teacher said: Great, I finally found the young master, and I can be loyal.". Compared with loyalty, the benevolence and righteousness of not killing is in the back row. "The loyalty of the poor and humble Phoenix Dao is probably not deceiving the world." "He's right," said Wang Tianyi. "He's loyal in the gang. Then you should work harder in the future. Don't always be idle and do nothing. When you are too old to move your knife, you will be really miserable, brother. "What?" Zuo Fei was startled and raised his head. "You mean you want me to cut down the green ring?"? To kill women? "Where?"? Where is it? Wang Tianyi waved his hand again and again and said with a straight face, "The backstage supporter of Bihuan is Mr. Gao of Wudang. Your master has the best martial arts in the world and doesn't dare to touch her. Isn't it a death wish for you to do this alone?" "I mean against women!" Zuo Fei was suddenly a little annoyed. Wang Tianyi snorted, "Why are you so clear? The result is the same.". With that gold medal and her relationship with your wife, who dares to touch her? "I'm relieved when you say so." Zuo Fei suddenly grabbed Wang Tianyi's arm and asked, "I said, is the place where you live heavily guarded?"? Are there many people? Can I win if I go in? Wang Tianyi was a little confused: "Why do you ask these questions? How many times have you been there?" Zuo Fei sighed, "Just because I've been to your place many times,tile profile factory, the teacher asked me if I could sneak in in the middle of the night and kill Bihuan." Wang Tianyi hesitated for a long time, then suddenly jumped up, stepped back and shouted: "Are you two ***ing crazy?!" Zuo Fei squatted on the ground and looked at the frightened Wang Tianyi for a long time. He nodded slowly and breathed a sigh of relief: "I know. You are heavily guarded there. It is very difficult for me to sneak in." 。


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