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…… She is not a dirty girl, obviously the opposite person's idea is dirtier than her. And how could he call out such a shameful "sister" without changing his face? But in the heart scold to scold, half a minute later, she still made a phone call to Fang Xiao: "Little a, today's exhibition you help me to go, take the pot to record some material on the line, I am a little uncomfortable.." Great On the day of the shooting of the role of Zhangsun Fujian, the official of "Ce Shan He" posted a photo of Yan Ju's shooting, with a sentence: "General, now that the family and the country are peaceful, you can settle down." The first photo was taken on the prairie, and the last scene happened to be the scene in which he was trapped in the battlefield and died for his country. After the scene was over, the actor who played the eldest grandson stood up and took off the bloody iron armor on his head as he walked back. At this time, the noise of war drums and whiskers was silent. The sunset behind him, which was close to the horizon, outlined a golden thread on the grassland, reflecting his body covered with wind and frost. The outline of his side face with his back to the sky and the shadow in front of him disappeared in the darkness, rendering the atmosphere of the picture more solemn and solemn, a returning figure. In the latter picture,inflatable air dancer, he was holding a large bunch of flowers and holding a red envelope in his hand. He simply wiped his face. The armor on his body had not been changed. The whole person's temperament was still a little cold. He just tilted his head slightly to the camera so as not to be blocked by the flowers in front of him. Fans are a little nervous when they see these two photos. The battle of the wind has always been the climax of the tears in "The World". In particular, Zhangsun Fuyu is a completely idealized personality in his personality. First, he is thrown into the quagmire of political struggle, and then he is trapped to lead the army to fight a battle that is impossible to win. Finally, he dies under the ideal and ambition of the country and the world. He is innocent until death. In this process, the audience can only watch him step by step towards the established extinction set by the author for him, and there is nothing they can do. So fans,Inflatable outdoor park, not surprisingly, were moved by such a "return" designed by the official micro-blog, and brushed up the phrase "Now the country is peaceful, you can settle down" below, not to the actor who played the general, but only to the general. Not long after, the officially certified "Star Shadow Studio" also forwarded the micro-blog, accompanied by a sentence "for you, waiting for you to return", which received tens of thousands of likes overnight. As for the actor's own micro-blog, it was not until the next day that he appeared. His name was only "Yan", and the official certification was "actor Yan". His head portrait was the same as his Baidu Encyclopedia portrait, and there was nothing left. The only post on Weibo was the photo of the end of the shooting, accompanied by a sentence similar to the official announcement: "In the middle of winter, Inflatable indoor park ,inflatable floating water park, we should meet here." The shooting schedule for "Ce Shan He" was very tight. After the group scenes were shot first, the remaining scenes were shot simultaneously in different locations. It is expected that the entire series will be finished in early July. In addition, the film and television project was put on file very early, and a contract has been signed with the TV station that has put it into broadcast. Only after the post-production is completed, it will soon be moved to the small screen, which is expected to be around the end of December and the beginning of January. As soon as his Weibo account appeared, a large number of fans who were attracted by the beauty soon poured in. Before that, the comments under Ce Shan He, which were not easy to send, were quickly brushed over ten thousand. It was amazing to have a row of faces: Brother, I can!!! [Heart to Heart] [Heart to Heart] [heart to heart]] [Re: Who can't have such a brother!!!] Aah! Aah! I haven't seen such a heroic face in a long time. I die!!! [Brother's temperament is so great! The stills above are really amazing!] [This brother I've seen before!!! I just can't remember it at once. Can anyone tell me where it is? [Re: I know!!! You search # Qi Mingfeng fans failed to pick up the plane # Brother was mistaken last year because of his tall legs and good temperament, and then signed XY (see Baidu Hee Hee!) 】 [Reply: *** me, my brother is so cool in a hoodie. I'm dead. Sure enough, boys look so good in black. [Wipe tears] [Wipe tears]] [Re: Shit! Yes! I am dizzy with the beauty of the immortal who can't hide even wearing a mask. I can climb the bridge of the nose as Mount Everest. Thank you, Xingying Dad, for sending our brother on the star road! [Heart to heart] [heart to heart] [Thanks to Star Shadow for digging out the beauty of immortals [tears] [tears]] 【……】 These rainbow farts dazzled people so much that when Wen Chu saw them later, he felt that they were blowing blindly with their eyes closed. Obviously, there were only a few pictures and stills that could see their faces clearly on the Internet. What could not be hidden through masks was really another thing. What's more, Yan's deep outline will actually reduce the visual impact of her facial features on the flat photos. In reality, the real person is definitely a hundred times better looking than the photos. Even if she looks at it for a long time, she will often be shocked by his appearance, not to mention these little fans who are already crying. Just after two days of rest at home, Yan was about to join the group to shoot his perverted genius juvenile delinquent. The film named "Bladeless Knife" was scheduled to be released on the first day of this year's Chinese New Year. Because the final murderer was him, the film side intentionally reduced his exposure at the beginning, and did not release him in the opening ceremony and the starring stills. And at the beginning of the routine script reading, Yan was not with the other actors, the film revolves around the two lines of light and shade, until the end of the intersection, the director in order to make the actors close to the role, and even changed the script of several leading actors, as a non-omniscient perspective to eliminate the part of Yan, until the clues slowly closed and narrowed down to his direction. The actor and the character become one, and in the end, the real murderer is identified. Yan only appeared as a bystander at the beginning, performing two scenes of taking notes when only he and the director knew he was the murderer, and did not always follow the perspective of the investigation team. In addition, most of his remaining plays are solo, contrary to the image of the former, solitary, calm, weak empathy, with obvious anti-social personality and special aesthetic appeal to violence, in the process of shooting,Inflatable indoor park, facing only the director and a few camera teachers, the team is extremely streamlined, which can provide him with the most natural performance space.


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