The King's Avatar _ Butterfly Blue _ txt Novel Paradise

The King's Avatar _ Butterfly Blue _ txt Novel ParadiseThe King's Avatar _ Butterfly Blue _ txt Novel Paradise

“……” Everyone didn't even look at the page of the new equipment, and they all looked at it. Cough. Suffocated to see a face inexplicable, "although this genius is thick-skinned, but you look so, or will blush ah!" 。 Chapter 1179 team suits without team battles. Had it not been for the fact that his suffocating thoughts were all on the equipment, some people would have suspected that he had deliberately broken the air conditioner and made a small mistake before Li returned to the Red Nest. The mecha raised his hand weakly. "Why don't I go?" "Why?" He stared. "Where did you get the time?" "But I think you look like you can get an electric shock." Mecha period, Ai Ai tunnel. ***, you look down on me, don't you? "Yes.." I'm sorry The nine-tailed fox is absolutely busy now. Although the matter of leveling is still done by the bad woman, it can be seen from the work and rest time after the nine-tailed fox comes back that their training is very tense. Now the nine-tailed fox has to practice from ten o'clock in the morning to eleven or twelve o'clock in the evening. Not to mention the mecha, even the bad women who practice accounts feel that time is not enough and the pressure is too great. Even if they use their lunch break, they can only practice accounts for more than ten hours a day. Mecha their training time, crowded is the guild side of the Lian Ji time! "Hey, I'm not talking about you." Chen Bin rubbed his temple in silence and quickly opened his mouth to stop. Repair air conditioning this kind of thing, casually make a phone call to call a maintenance service is not good? Is it difficult? Really difficult to suffocate with the mecha two,Inflatable meltdown, they are also the highest IQ of the nine-tailed fox two people, completely do not know where their IQ is high to go. Under Chen Bin's interference, the whole team's attention finally shifted from the damn air conditioner to the equipment. The first is the Jiao pattern of the lower armor suit. Chen Bin looked at it carefully. [Spider Heart] (Dark Orange) + 16, Level: 85 (This equipment belongs to the set of [Jiaowen] parts. This prompt is only visible to the person who is equipped, and the identifier is not visible.) Equipment type: light pants. School restrictions: Tangmen, Wudang basic defense + 1175. Five Elements Defense + 10 22 Max HP + 1921,Inflatable 5k obstacle, Evasion + 327 Refine + 3 (lit): Max Life + 418 Refining + 6 (lit): Five Elements Defense + 278 Refine + 9 (lit): Five Elements Defense + 310 Refine + 12 (lit): Activate a myriad of attributes. Two teammates with this suit can pull out a silk thread that lasts 10 seconds and does not exceed 100 meters after opening the skill. It will cause 3 seconds of vertigo to the enemy target that collides with the silk thread, but after the vertigo ends, the target will gain 3 seconds of vertigo immunity. Refine + 16 (lit): Activates the attribute Haunting, and immediately resets its own cooldown when there are countless teammates in the usable state within 300 meters. It can only be reset once in 24 hours. It's another skill that's a little hard to figure out. After reading it, Chen Bin turned back to the blue and white road. Uh Blue and white had not finished reading it, but answered softly. Skill is a good skill, team battle with control, but also can limit the opponent's position. However, many details still need to be tried, "Lin Wei has seen," for example, Inflatable bouncer ,Inflatable indoor park, if there are several teammates within 100 meters to open at the same time, that will be who and who pull strings. For example, 3 seconds of vertigo immunity, is immune to the same silk thread, or all silk threads are immune.. Inextricably linked in the team battle, can be regarded as a very good hand limit skills. It's not just the ability to control it, it's the second time the enemy sees it after being hit once. A deterrent effect. In the other side's good formation, a few people and a few lines led the past. It can definitely disrupt the formation of the other side directly. In the team battle, once the formation goes wrong. That's the rhythm of people falling upside down in a mess. As for the basic defense and the five elements of defense on both four digits, this is already a surprise in some small teams, in the eyes of the nine-tailed fox, but purely can be ignored details. "Leave this and look at the cloak." Chen Bin put the lower armor of the team suit aside first. "All right." Lin Wei also knows, light discussion is to discuss what thing to come, only try to know. At first glance, everyone will think that this cloak is very beautiful. The silver light is flowing, shining and dark. But just because a piece of equipment is beautiful, and do not look at the attributes directly put on the professional arena, that is what Ye Jiaoyang will do. So, Chen Bin still has to look at the property page. [Fog] (Dark Orange) + 16, Level: 85 (This equipment belongs to the suit [Streaming Silver] component, this prompt is only visible to the equipment user, and the identifier is invisible.) Equipment Type: Cloak, School Limit: None Basic Defense + 579, Five Elements Defense + 611 Max HP + 1140, Evasion + 988 Refine + 3 (lit): Evade + 65 Refine + 6 (lit): Base Defense + 183 Refine + 9 (lit): Evasion + 185 Refine + 12 (lit): Activate the attribute to drink alone under the moon. When the enemy target is close to 500 meters and there are no teammates within 500 meters, it will get a moon shadow state lasting 4.5 seconds. The character will become blurred and the movement speed will be increased by 20%. Refinement + 16 (lit): Evasion permanently increased by 20%. Chen Bin silently closed the property page. Lin Wei took a deep breath after reading it. This is a high flash cloak, dodge attribute how against the sky, can not be summed up by Chen Bin's expression, dodge is a very important data, if one side's dodge is higher than the other side's hit, there is a great chance that the other side's general attack will be empty, the greater the difference, the probability that the other side will be empty will rise. Of course, in this there is a neglect of the evasive remedial data, is also very important, but such a high flash attribute,Inflatable water park factory, but did not let Chen Bin they moved, they really opened their eyes, is this set of [flow silver] on the refining skills! It's a new world.


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