Quick Wear: Blacken Your Ex-Girlfriend + Extra

Quick Wear: Blacken Your Ex-Girlfriend + ExtraQuick Wear: Blacken Your Ex-Girlfriend + Extra

"Well, not yet, mainly because I'm more demanding." As soon as Xiao Qing threw his long hair, he made a cold gesture. In fact, his heart was already surging. At this time, he forgot to ask about the relationship between Yan Mubai and Su Wan. After a few hurried chats with Su Rui, he turned around and left. When Su came out of the kitchen late, Xiao Qingzao had no shadow. Where is Xiao Qing? Su Wan looked at the pile of money on the table and then looked at Su Rui and asked involuntarily. Gone? Well, I guess I went to a nightclub to look for an affair. "Just him?"? Still looking for an affair? Su evening couldn't help rolling his eyes. He was looking for an affair? If he doesn't want to be met by others, he will burn incense. Su Rui naturally knew what Su Wan was thinking. He couldn't help blinking mysteriously at Su Wan: "Don't worry, he can't suffer any loss. By the way, you can't take the money for nothing. Why don't I take you shopping tomorrow?" "Keep it!" Su Wan went to the tea table and collected the money: "We are now the poor people who drag down GDP and drag down the motherland. We should not waste extravagantly any more. Do you know that waste is shameful?" "Oh." Hearing his wife's words, General Su could not help nodding, yes! Ordinary people, he wants to be an ordinary person. What should I wear at your company party tomorrow? What to wear? Su Wan looked back at Su Rui: "Husband, you look good in everything. Of course, it's the sexiest thing not to wear." Su Rui:.. Su Xiaowan, you are naughty again, come on, you come to the bedroom with me, I talk about life with you ~ Chapter 318 9: Falling in love with a rival (9). In the small bedroom, two people embrace and sleep,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, this should be a very warm and comfortable night, but in the middle of the night Su night and Su Rui were awakened by a rush of telephone ringing. Su night in a daze to touch their bedside phone, looking at the constantly flashing strange number, she hesitated or pressed the connect button. Su Wan! A panicked female voice came from the phone, and although it was a little out of tune, Su Wan recognized that it belonged to Xiao Qing, that is, Xiao Qing's voice. Miss Xiao,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, what's the matter with you? "Su Wan, help!"! You help me! Xiao Qing's tone on the phone was anxious, and the place where he was was very noisy. All of a sudden, Su could not hear him clearly: "Miss Xiao, where are you?"? What's the matter with you? "Blood, a lot of blood." Su Wan:.. Nima, this guy didn't kill someone in a nightclub, did he? And facts have proved that Xiao Qing is not as violent as Su Wan imagined, he is just. It's my period ~ Busy in the middle of the night, the last bag of Shu Bao was solved, and Su Wan suddenly felt very upset. Brother, no, sister, you are my sister! Xiao Qing:.. Nima, have you really become a woman? Pure girl paper? A pure girl who bleeds every month? Whoo, Blue Bottle Serum ,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, suddenly don't want to live ~ ~ It's terrible to be a woman! It was still dark, and the pale Xiao Qing carefully dragged Su Wan's pajamas: "Xiao Wan, I, I'm a little scared, can I live here with you?"? You sleep with me? "No." Su Rui, who had not waited for Su Wan to speak, had already coldly refused him. Don't think that you have a chest and a buttock is a woman, the general has long seen through your soft girl paper under the appearance of the heart of a lady-killer. Xiao Qing:.. "Mu Bai, I'm asking Xiao Wan, I'm not sleeping with you!" Said Xiao Qing could not help but roll his eyes at Su Rui, Lao Tzu when a man did not go to bed Su night, now become a woman, do not even have this benefit? "No one wants to sleep with you." Hearing Xiao Qing's words, General Su immediately pulled his collar and carried him to the side bedroom with a cold face: "You sleep here." "Hello.." "Bang!" Before Xiao Qing could ask what, the door had been closed by General Su without hesitation. Xiao Qing:.. Do you really think this is your home? Yan Mubai, you can do it! My friend's wife, you are really not polite! Xiao Qing scolded a few words in the bottom of his heart, and finally sat on the edge of the bed with a decadent expression. Labor and capital have become women, what else can they rob with you? Xiao Qing felt heartbroken at the thought of this. You said he was finally ready to go to the nightclub to pick up girls, who knows not to hook up with the eye, out of this file, at that time in the bathroom to see their own, pants are blood, Xiao Qing really confused, his first thought will be Xiao Qing this body will be finished? In a panic, he only remembered Su Wan's phone call and called her anxiously. Forgive Xiao Qinggang for being a girl for only a few days. She has no concept of menstruation at all. He subconsciously touched his lower abdomen, a little cold, and even some of the pain of acid swelling. It's really hard to be a woman. Falling on the bed in Su's bedroom, Xiao Qing fell asleep unconsciously. When he got up the next day, it was already three poles in the sun. Xiao Qing got up in a daze. He jumped out of bed as soon as he got up, checked the sheets, and looked at his clothes. Fortunately, he was not covered with blood. With two big black eyes hanging on his pale face, Xiao Qing saw Su Rui sitting on the sofa as soon as he went out of the door: "Xiao Bai, what time is it? Why didn't you go to Jiulin Street to sell goods?" Xiao Qing thought in a daze that he had returned to the past, so he opened his mouth and asked a particularly familiar question. Uh Su Rui raised his head, turned his face, and looked suspiciously at Xiao Qing: "Miss Xiao, you seem to be very familiar with my life with Su Wan."? You investigated us? Xiao Qing:.. "Cough, I this, ask casually, what do I investigate you?" Xiao Qing smiled awkwardly at Su Rui, then he turned pale again, raised his hand and touched his lower abdomen, Nima, and began to hurt again. Seeing Xiao Qing's expression a little tangled and a little painful, Su Rui frowned: "What's wrong with you?"? Are you all right? "I'm fine. Nima told you what you know as a big man!" Xiao Qing could not help but read a broken sentence, and as soon as the words came out,glass cream jars, he could not help but want to slap his big ears. Labor and capital are not women, and labor and capital are also men, okay? "Ding Dong." 。 penghuangbottle.com


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