I really want it to be flashed to OSRS if not as a RuneScape ability then at least as a minigame

I really want it to be flashed to OSRS if not as a RuneScape ability then at least as a minigame

I think this is pretty rad, I hope it's executed. I suppose this is most similar to another RuneScape ability"Dungeoneering" that imo is a really bad RuneScape ability, let alone minigame. It has been years since that published, so can just hope that this is OSRS Gold For Sale enormously different and improved.IMO dungeoneering is the most fun RuneScape skill I've ever played in RS. I really want it to be flashed to OSRS if not as a RuneScape ability then at least as a minigame.Its not actually a RuneScape skill however, thats the problem. Its a minigame with RuneScape ability features hit. It has a reward system. Whether you like it or not is irrelevant. It may be enjoyable. It may be a good minigame. However, its terrible RuneScape skill. And dont get me started.

Please correct me if I am completely off, because I have not played or looked into it. For that you would need to enter Priffdinas, which requires a high degree account so as to finish the quest. I have not finish the quest and therefore I have not try the gauntlet. However from what I understand, it's the same boss every time. It's also a solo minigame, which sucks believing that this is an MMO.

A minigame like dungeoneering will be fine for raid-like set content for gamers of all levels, together with the floor being raids 3 and the others being easier. Agreed. Dungoneering was the only RuneScape ability that brought the whole of runescape; playstyles from RuneScape skillers, to Pvmers. The difficulty was that the rewards and only method to level the RuneScape skill was the minigame. An exploring RuneScape ability that sailing and is dungoneering with more information could include so much to RuneScape.

But the same pure 2007 players(Whom allow more and more overpowered items in RuneScape and PVM ironically) are against any new RuneScape skill that they spite vote every additional that doesn't add to their own particular playstyle. Now RuneScape is dying because they don't want to be ass'd to grind the following RuneScape skill despite what it might add to RuneScape, but sure that new 100% xp boost to some RuneScape ability content is fine along with the new weapons that 1 shot any pvm is good.

I do this and wished to enter RS3 more recently, even purchased a year's membership. The new RuneScape skill looks cool also. One day banned and my account seemingly gets hacked. Lost everything worth taking on my accounts. It's so discouraging to login and see everything I worked on for all those years gone, although I guess I am lucky I got my nearly 15 year old accounts. What makes it worse is that Jagex did not notify me of some of a new login, the name change, the, or even the ban. Somehow my authenticator got removed. Man it doesn't feel worth it anymore although I know I could work to buy OSRS gold get back everything.Remember when RuneScape used to look like this?


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