Best profitable cryptocurrency advertising network For Publishers

Crypto advertising platforms can compete with Facebook and Google given that crypto offers are difficult to promote on such platforms.

There aren't many cryptocurrency advertising networks. However, if your website is well-designed and your crypto content is well-written, there are several ad networks, including AdSense and other Google AdX partners, that you may use to monetize it.

I searched, but there weren't many ad networks for crypto tools and initiatives. Even if it's a cryptocurrency tool or project that receives more than 50,000 visits per month, you can monetize your website, app, and tool with a high-traffic website.

Best Cryptocurrency advertising platforms

  • 7Search PPC
  • Coinzilla
  • Bitmedia
  • A-ADS (Anonymous)
  • Cointraffic
  • Coin.Network
  • Adsterra

7Search PPC

Advertisers and publishers can achieve their marketing or monetization goals with the support of the reputable cryptocurrency or bitcoin advertising network 7Search PPC. It offers publishers a rather reasonable compensation while providing advertisers with highly converted traffic.

7Search PPC ad network makes it simple for publishers to monetize their bitcoin blogs or websites. Publishers may generate significant income while upholding a great user experience thanks to 7Search PPC's innovative ad formats, high CPC advertisements, and multiple advertisers.

For all of your demands in business promotion, our Bitcoin advertising network is the one-stop shop. It provides speedy ad approval, real traffic, thorough ad reports, and cutting-edge ad formats like native advertisements, banner ads, text ads, popunder ads, social bar ads, and video ads to enable cryptocurrency entrepreneurs to maximize the potential of their enterprise.


Publishers and advisors can access a full range of services from Coinzilla, a popular cryptocurrency advertising network. For both desktop and mobile, there are many different ad formats available. Any cryptocurrency or finance website may be made profitable using Coinzilla.

You are compensated per impression while using Coinzilla advertisements, which operate on a CPM model. They work with several reliable ad partners. These folks are trustworthy and only allow top-notch sites to join their network.

  • Requirements: Although Coinzilla did not state them, you must have a particular volume of traffic to be accepted. They only accept resources for cryptocurrency and finance. Such a website should be submitted to the Coinzilla platform if you have one. Upon approval, they will start running advertising on your website.
  • Payments: You can set up automated payments with Coinzilla on a weekly or monthly basis. Through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, or bank transfer, a withdrawal of just €50 is allowed.


Coinzilla offers a range of ad styles, including banners, native advertisements, sticky header ads, anchor ads, etc., like other ad networks. To find out which ad formats are most effective, try out a few. Furthermore, Coinzilla is a fantastic platform for advertisers to roll out campaigns.

With Coinzilla's thorough data, you can also monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns and website. They have advertisements on reputable websites including CoinDesk, CoinGape, and Coingecko.

I appreciate that Coinzilla offers great advertisements rather than intrusive ones like smart links, notifications, pop-unders, etc.

However, Coinzilla advertisements can cause your website to load slowly because of their animated ads. These factors impede page speed and may harm Core Web Vital. To circumvent those problems, make use of enhanced caching plugins like FlyingPress.


The cryptocurrency advertising network Bitmedia is another. Utilizing this platform makes it simple to monetize your website. It even functions as a full-service cryptocurrency agency that creates highly effective display ads. The advertising for Coinzilla is also quite similar to this.

There is good news, too. If your website is decent and not related to cryptocurrencies, you might be able to have it approved. In the case of tools or content, the niche must be addressed, such as in the news, financial sector, etc.

Bitmedia Payments has both good and bad aspects. Fortunately, there are no withdrawal fees and a $20 minimum withdrawal requirement. Even requests will pay you.

They only take payments in Bitcoin, which is a drawback. Bank transfers are available for payment through Coinzilla, but Bitmedia


The HTML5 banner advertising used by Bitmedia are of high quality and come in all sizes for every location. Therefore, based on your needs, you can choose one.

They employ animated advertising, like others, which slow down websites and negatively affect user experience. Uphold outstanding UX and adapt it to users' demands. Likewise, confirm that your host, such as, has sufficient resources.

Examples of Bitmedia's cryptocurrency advertisements include the following:

With Bitmedia, you may use CPM and CPC to monetise the visits to your website. However, I can't promise that you'll always get the highest CPM and fill rates. Nevertheless, Bitmedia is a respectable cryptocurrency ad network for both publishers and advertisers.

The publisher believes that you can only be compensated in BTC and that adverts are not always filled.

A-ADS (Anonymous)

A-ADS is a crypto-ad network for everyone, in my opinion, to simplify things. It follows that you don't need to register to use A-ADS and that you can do so regardless of the category of your website or app. 

Although CPA, CPM, and even CPC are options for A-ads, the CPM and CPC rates are extremely low. Non-crypto websites typically have CPM prices of less than $1. While employing them has several benefits, one of which is the ability to display adverts on pornographic websites at often very low costs.


A self-serve advertising network for websites devoted to cryptocurrencies is called Cointraffic. They are comparable to Bitmedia, Coinzilla, and other companies, but some people gripe that Cointraffic ad spaces aren't constantly full. They feature a variety of advertising that operate in CPM mode.

Cointraffic allows cryptocurrency-related websites and favors content websites, but it can also monetise your tools, stat websites, or other cryptocurrency-related websites.

They don't receive websites that have nothing to do with cryptocurrency. Make sure your website has a user-friendly layout and at least 5,000 monthly visitors. Contact your account manager.

In order to maintain a positive user experience, you can combine Cointraffic with other ad networks like Coinzilla, Bitmedia, etc.

You may view daily impressions and comprehensive analytics from Cointraffic..


A cryptocurrency ad network called Coin.Network is used to monetise websites that deal in cryptocurrencies. It is a brand name of BuySellAds. Display and native ads that are contextually relevant to the content of the page are served by Coin.Network.

The ad structure of many demand partnerships melds with the information on your coin website. The Net-30 payout choices offered by Coin.Network, including USD ($), BTC, ETH, and LTC, are comparable to those of BuySellAds.

Rectangles, leaderboards, and other native and display ad formats are available from them, and their native network features designs that are crypto-focused.

You may increase your chances of making money by using Coin.Network, which works programmatically and is a popular choice for monetization on many large websites. They are inappropriate for small publishers because they only allow websites with high traffic.

If you want to join Coin.Network and you have a Coin-related


A well-known ad network that supports any market, including cryptocurrencies, is called Adsterra. They have a few crypto friends. I can't promise that my work will be on par with others', and I won't charge CPM or CPC prices that are attractive.

Adsterra allows you to blend several ad forms, such as on-page push advertisements and popunders or standard banners and video pre-rolls.

Payments and requirements: Adsterra allows any website—with the exception of adult websites—so you don't need to have a certain amount of traffic or specialize in a certain market to join. With different ad styles and affiliates, you can monetize your website.

Adsterra can also be utilized offline. To make money off of your audience, you can employ mobile apps, YouTube channels, or Facebook groups.


Sincerely, I don't care for Adsterra or its advertisements, nor do I suggest it be placed on a worthwhile website. Additionally, they are only partially able to fulfill the role of a bitcoin ad network, so they cannot produce the same outcomes as specialized Bitcoin ad networks.

However, if you want to give it a shot, they provide a variety of advertisements, including popunders, social bars, page pushes, native banners, social bars, and video ads. Advanced targeting options from Adsterra include language, OS, device type, and geographic targeting.


If marketers are willing to commit to one of the traffic sources we listed, the crypto vertical unquestionably promises huge returns. Crypto advertising platforms can compete with Facebook and Google given that crypto offers are difficult to promote on such platforms. Since each cryptocurrency network is excellent in its own way, determining which is the greatest is really difficult.


1.What demographic do you want to reach with crypto?

Ans. Choose your target market, use online communities and social media sites to promote your cryptocurrency project, generate content that is SEO-optimized, and produce educational resources like videos and how-tos. In the crypto world, it's also crucial to follow advertising restrictions.

2.How can I promote my cryptocurrency token?

Top Crypto Marketing Techniques to Outperform the Competition:

  • Develop Your Community and Engage It.
  • Motivate People to Encourage Word-of-Mouth Spreading.
  • Invent a hype.
  • Social media should be active.
  • Keep LinkedIn in mind.
  • Make airdrops.
  • Offer to conduct interviews.
  • Send out press releases.

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