Young as Yesterday

A poem of true 'until death do us part' endless love!

Our yesterday began, when I first saw your face

I'll never forget that day, when I noticed all your grace

You were as pretty, as satin silky lace

More beautiful than words can say, seeing your face that day

Although I didn’t know you, I knew I wanted it to be

You and I together, spending time eternally

It came to be that you were mine, and I was only yours

Together, forever, till the end of time

Many thoughts there are, many words that could be said

About the joys of our years, from our minds, these times

Will remain, have never fled

There is one thing though, that we all must except

We must except without pretending

Time always has a new beginning

Time always has its ending

It’s what’s in between those times

That we hold dear, as joys divine

As fast as our days begin, they seem to want to end

But always keep this thought, that you were my dear friend

Through the years as time passes by

You say your getting older

You say your looks are fading

You turn your face and sigh

But ask me why and I’ll always say

To me, you will always be, as young as yesterday

Our yesterday began, the day I saw your face

The sight of you, your beauty too, it’s impossible to erase

To a man who really loves his wife

And a wife who really loves her man

Life will be one happy song

Will remember always the best of life

Won’t dwell on what might be wrong

Yes our years might be well along

And most of our days gone by

Just remember I will always love you

Even if our days should pass us by

But until that day my love, let us go along as lovers do

Holding hands with no dismay

Just remember my dear, to me,

You will always be

As Young as Yesterday

Scott Schwentker

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