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IMO it's pointless to compare the two. OSRS has diverged and so is it's own game now, you don't have to compare it to the older stuff which was great in it's own right. Pre-EOC had some of the articles of all time in my opinion using Dungeoneering and Nex. I think they're both great, pre-eoc OSRS that is current and as it had been. I like them. The purpose was to return rs3 made a right, and make a left. After free trade removed it was mostly downhill. Now we got to select and gone a completly different route and RuneScape is bigger than ever. RuneScape was better than pre eoc only a few years. Some might disagree and say it was better from the beginning but there was a clear absence of content, and now you can play for tens of thousands of hours and still have plenty to do wether you only like pvm or skilling, though skilling is fairly much the same but faster.

I disagree, a TON of important balancing and QoL updates did not come until annually. I'd say RuneScape was worse than EoC for at least the first 4 or so years until bigger content such as MMII came out. Wrath runes did not exist before 2018, Raids came 2017 out and brought the brand new max mage, like D Claws in crucial items. Great Kourend dropped but the baseline quests took to come out. That just depends on in the event that you believe Pre-EOC was an up- or downgrade from 2007. It was balanced than 2007, at least, so I have a quite difficult time believing you'll argue Pre-EOC was more balanced than OSRS before 2017. But it'd content of an (objectively, I figure ) high quality (as in, tons of dev time placed in), that many enjoyed.

RuneScape is, but it's its own host of issues. It does; although A lot of people believe botting does have alternatives. For some reason, MMORPG communities are willing to take cheaters than other forms of games as a fact of life. The company can afford it, although It's expensive to repair the issues OSRS has. Furthermore, allowing 3-p clients and permitting multi-logging were big mistakes. Wise, OSRS has restricted choices. There the just and Blowpipe content that is not doable with it has variety. With accuracy and a lot of strength. Rigour shouldn't be as strong as it is.

Honestly, I wonder how long we have until the other'2006scape'pops up along with a total server reset happens. Either when RuneScape breaks that makes gamers depart or everyone gets bored. I also believe leagues would be fantastic for RuneScape, but culturally OSRS gamers appear to have some resistance to it. In addition, I think using a rehash of the ballista,' the handcannon' at the shape of D-Claws, D-picks, etc is weak. The blowpipe was supposed to revitalize the dead content that's darts, and it did perhaps well. If these, then what?


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