Here’s what you must keep in mind if you prefer homeschooling in India for your children

As homeschooling in India is gaining popularity & acceptance in the 21st Century, a significant question arises- is homeschooling in India is legal?

In the competitive rat race of the world, parents are choosing to homeschool their children as a safe and progressive way to educate them. Many parents are choosing to homeschool as an alternative educational option to traditional schooling. 

And some parents are considering focusing on their child’s learning style and providing better guidance. Well, the reasons for homeschooling may vary from family to family, although it is a valuable method of education that offers numerous benefits. 

Homeschooling parents abandon the rote learning structure where children cheat on their way to score higher percentages to stay on top of the competitive game. Homeschooling focuses on personalized education to construct creative, critical thinking, and problem-solving cognitive abilities. 

Before modern India, there were plenty of Nobel prize winners and famous successful people who considered homeschooling, for example, scientists, inventors, creators, presidents, entertainers, and poets.

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