Oral Proteins and Peptides Market

Over the years, advances in recombinant DNA technology and ex vivo synthesis of biomolecules have led to the development and (in some cases) approval of several protein / peptide-based therapeutics.

Considering the therapeutic advantages associated with proteins and peptides, this field has witnessed significant activity; researchers are actively evaluating orally bioavailable interventions. However, owing to their inherently complex structure and comparatively low stability (in in vivo conditions), proteins / peptides are predominantly administered parenterally. Recent strides in drug delivery solutions have enabled scientists to successfully explore and exploit alternative routes of drug delivery, such as transdermal, intranasal, pulmonary and oral, for protein / peptide-based therapeutics. Of these, the oral route of delivery is considered to be the most patient-friendly. This has led several companies to invest in the development of orally administered biologics. The delivery of proteins and peptides utilizes the following routes of administration. Since the approval of the first protein / peptide-based therapy (recombinant human insulin) in 1982, there has been a substantial increase in the RD initiatives focused on such products. Earlier, majority of the biologics were administered subcutaneously. However, with the technological advancements in delivery formulations, oral delivery of therapeutic interventions   has gained significant traction, prompting stakeholders to leverage their expertise in the development of orally administrable proteins / peptides. 


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Although studies have reported that over XX oral drug delivery technologies have been designed so far, our research indicates that only XX% of the aforementioned technologies are currently being used to develop therapeutic proteins / peptides. Owing to the numerous advantages of oral drug delivery, including ease of administration, minimal pain and risk of drug reaction, and self-administration, we are led to believe that the oral proteins / peptide therapeutics market is anticipated to witness significant growth in the coming future.



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