Super Soldier-Huang Yi _ txt Novel Paradise

Bontou is also the most crowded city on earth, the most polluted city, the city with the strongest contrast between heaven and hell.

Bontou is also the most crowded city on earth, the most polluted city, the city with the strongest contrast between heaven and hell. Except for the ruling class, most people live in the hard days of limited rations but unlimited labor. When I arrived at one of the more than 200 parking aprons beside the pyramid in a military spaceship, the afternoon sun was unable to disperse its faint light in the dark smoke formed by pollution. Stepping out of the spaceship, a catamaran jet car was waiting by the stepladder, its engine rumbling impatiently. In the cold wind, I turned up the collar of my thick coat and cut off the neck-cutting cold current. It is said that before the emergence of the Federation, there was a difference between the cold and warm seasons on the earth, but I don't know what summer was like? A captain sent by the military intelligence agency, with the usual cold face of a Union officer, stood by the open car door and waited. Today, when there are no antagonistic countries, the army has become a natural tool to suppress any rebellion against the central turmoil. The intelligence and security Bureau within the military is a terrible organization that no one wants to mess with, and this time I came at their invitation to visit the host family that no guest dares to refuse. The captain saluted, "Marshal Wan An!" I quickly raised my hand in response: "Marshal Wan An!" The captain said coldly, "Shan Jie Shengshi,plastic pallet manufacturer, you are eighteen minutes late. General Li Shi, the director of the Intelligence and Security Bureau, is waiting for you." There is no need to explain. I am a member of the "Holy Temple". As long as I do not commit the crime of rebellion, no one, including the Intelligence and Security Bureau, dares to punish me,plastic pallet supplier, because those who can enter the Holy Temple are the top of the first-class scientific research masters, and I am one of the 72 saints in the temple, one of the few qualified to win the position of "Holy Lord", and also the youngest saint. The current master of the temple is Ma Jieneng, who is known as the master of artificial intelligence and neuroscience. He not only has the reputation of "the father of robots", but also attaches great importance to his recent research on "super soldiers", which is an epoch-making research on the use of medicine and micro-technology to improve human physical fitness and vitality. However, it is said that he has recently fallen into a dead end in his research. Dissatisfaction with the marshal and the dignitaries around him was growing. Deep in thought, I got into the catamaran jet car. At the same time, the jet car rose from the ground, broke through the air effortlessly, and glided up to the triangular building, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet box, which rose into the sky like a great tomb. The pyramid, which is full of honeycomb entrances, is expanding in front of us, like a huge monster with no end. The pyramid is not only a symbol of power, but also commands 12 integrated legions of millions of soldiers in the Federation, as well as tens of millions of civilian and military technicians. It is also a powerful fortress of war. The world's largest building covers an area of 1200000 mu. The total length of the corridors and the corridors for flying boats to cross is more than 260 miles. Both the pedestrian corridors and the flying corridors are extremely spacious, enough to accommodate more than 20 people to walk hand in hand at any angle. The part of the pyramid that is exposed to the ground has 328 floors, and the part that is hidden underground has not yet been counted. It is a great secret of the Federal Army, but it is certain that there are self-sufficient military sophisticated industries, destructive weapons that can destroy the whole world, and cobweb-like underground secret passages scattered around Bontow with her as the center. Anyone who wants to capture the fortress should consider setting up 1500 defensive posts and nearly 10000 cruise fighters at various points outside the pyramid. The energy of the whole giant comes from ten artificial satellites in the sky, which absorb the heat of the sun and convert it into energy beams, which are injected into the 27 individual energy reservoirs of the pyramid. So some people call the pyramid "the sharp angle on the devil's head". The top of the Devil's Corner is the "Marshal's Palace", where the Marshal's cronies keep in touch with other major cities and give orders to the Marshal. From hundreds of television screens and more than 3 000 spy satellites scattered over the world, the officer on duty can monitor the activities of every place in the world in great detail and take various corresponding measures. In the history of the Federation, there have been dozens of armed rebellions, but they soon collapsed under the powerful and efficient attack of the war center in the pyramid. The temple was originally located in the pyramid, but since the "temple incident" which no one knows in detail, the former Lord Dagassi, the "ancestor of solar energy", has mysteriously disappeared. Some people say that he was sent to the guillotine by the marshal, while others say that he sneaked into the lower organization and openly rebelled against the Federation. In the vast space around the pyramids, there are only sparse flying jet cars, spaceships and the military's tiny but powerful "smart" fighter planes, which are in sharp contrast to the dense space traffic in the city of Bontau. In my jet car, the captain was in contact with the pyramid's defense center for routine access to the pyramid, and any unauthorized objects trying to approach the pyramid would be shot down by the laser. Since ancient times, power has been based on the rule of intimidation, which has always been the case. But it is true that there are violent anti-government revolutions breaking out in some places, but unfortunately it is not clear, because the intelligence and security Bureau has blocked all the information that is not conducive to the rule, and I am not immune to being an ignorant person in my position, let alone the common people trampled on below. The catamaran jet car flies through an open flight path at the bottom of the pyramid, and the walls of the solid corridor made of synthetic metal shine like a rainbow, which is a unique phenomenon caused by air friction when the jet car flies. It's like flying into an endless dream. The jet car slanted upwards. The more senior the officials, the closer their offices are to the Marshal's Palace at the top of the tower. The top of the pyramid represents the peak of federal power. After a round of rigorous inspection, I finally met General Li Shi, the top figure of the Intelligence and Security Bureau. Li Shi shook hands with me lukewarm in the office. When the guard backed out, he said lightly,stackable plastic pallets, "Shan Jie Shengshi, I think you have read the information about this mission." "Where is she?" I retorted. Li Shi sat back at his desk and motioned for me to sit down in the chair opposite him. The wall on the left was split, revealing a ten-foot square screen. The scene in the cell was presented at the same time.


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