The Great Age of Science and Technology in the Other World

The reverse summon is to forcibly send the summoned creature back before the end of the summon, so this reverse summon

The reverse summon is to forcibly send the summoned creature back before the end of the summon, so this reverse summon is not only difficult, but also consuming. It has almost no practicality and belongs to the magic of chicken ribs. Naturally, no one will practice. But now this magic is reappearing on the body of a phantom enchantress, and the target of her reverse summoning is herself. All people in addition to speechless, really do not know how to express their hearts. They had seen more extraordinary things in this duel than they had seen in all their lives. Albermont and Tianduan looked at each other and found that there were some dumbfounding eyes in each other's eyes: "a phantom enchantress used a reverse call to herself.." This Is it that we don't understand or that the world is too abnormal? Shaking his head with a smile, "From now on, don't be surprised if anything happens to Spike or around him." The Phantom Enchantress in the magic array gazed in the direction of Li Hengxin, not knowing whether she was looking at Li Hengxin or at the shadow behind him. But the look on his face was no longer as cold as before, and seemed to have a sentimental attachment. Looking at the beautiful shadow that disappeared in the magic array, Li Hengxin's heart flashed a trace of silence. Anyway, they didn't know each other, but after they met, they left. Okay,metal cosmetic tubes, okay, okay. I didn't expect you to win in such a way. Balken's voice said, "Anyway.." You win. It's better to be young. You can leave now. Four discomfited death guards supported the former unconscious death guard, and Balken said they could leave, but they were a little confused. Because they can't be sent back before they finish the task or within the time limit,empty cosmetic tubes, and they don't have the ability of the Phantom Enchantress to send themselves back. Perhaps they did not realize that this battle might be the most awkward one in their lives. They were summoned by a dragon elder, who was inferior in status, and then suppressed by a human with their own strength. They were really not so cowardly, and then they were almost killed by the Phantom Enchantress summoned by themselves. As a result, he was saved by his enemy, and then his summoning creature ran away. Finally, he had to accept the reality of defeat. The summoners of himself and others had already admitted defeat. What else could they do? Even if they didn't accept the fact, the gap in strength was there. Five people could not beat him together. What else could they have the face to shout? "Are you kidding? If you hadn't shown mercy, I'm afraid I'd be the loser." Li Hengxin gently breathed a sigh of relief, finally over, empty lotion tubes ,plastic laminated tube, if the entanglement continues, I am afraid he will be a deserter. Boken slowly came out of the dead air, and Li Hengxin's face changed slightly. Elder Balken, how did you. At the moment, the skeleton of Balken's body was gray and very dilapidated, as if it had been buried in the soil for hundreds of years, the green light in his eyes was dim, and his body was tottering out of death. In order to fight with you, I almost exhausted my life force. Otherwise, where do you think I come from the power of the sixth realm? After summoning the five guards of death, I have stopped the transformation of life. I wanted to teach you a good lesson, but I didn't expect that the five guards of death could not deal with you. As soon as Balken said this, the faces of the four death guards burned and they stood aside not knowing what to say. If they could, they would prefer to bury their heads in the ground and be ridiculed to their faces, which is not their habit. Teach me a lesson? Elder Balken, you don't have to be so cruel. I admit that I was outspoken last time. But you also.. Is it too vindictive? Li Hengxin was dumbfounded. Asshole! Do I look like that to you? If I were really like that, I would tear you up on the same day. Why wait until today? Balken was furious and gave a loud shout. Volume 5 The Battle of the Human Sea -Chapter 271-Forced marriage- Of course, Li Hengxin won't think that Balken is a good thing. Although Balken is very angry now, Li Hengxin still insists that Balken challenged himself in the Dragon Palace in order to avenge his humiliation that day. Had it not been for Astarja, I would have ruined you first even if I had fought for my life! Humph- "Balken has an angry voice, although he has played half his life, but he still can't change his hot temper." Uh. In fact, I have nothing to do with Astarja. Li Hengxin said haltingly. Burken's body suddenly sent out a murderous look: "Nothing!"! Nothing. How could Astarja have your child? "What!" Li Hengxin and Albermon let out a roar at the same time. The magic barrier disappeared in an instant. Albermon rushed into the field and roared at Li Hengxin: "Spike, when did you attack Astarja?" Uncle Balken! How can you say it in public. Asda flew out of the Dragon Hall at once. How could a girl stand thousands of strange eyes staring at her. Li Hengxin's chin was about to fall to the ground: "Wait." Elder Albermont.. You listen to me first. Elder Balken, you can't talk nonsense. Nothing happened between me and Astarja. "Spike, Astarja already told me. She said she's pregnant with your child. Why do you think I'm going to vote for you?" Bowken hummed loudly, and all the dragons in the Dragon Hall heard it clearly. Li Hengxin's face was red and white. If he doesn't understand this, he will live in vain. In order to help him, Astarja went to Balken to lie to him, saying that he had his own child, so that he could vote for himself in the face of the child and in the face of Astarja. Li Hengxin a gloomy, if he wants to say no, it is not a man,pump tube, not a person, no matter how other dragons look at him, he can only acquiesce in this is not the fact of the'fact.


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