Li Liang-Qishen Yang Xiaoxie Sequel

"I don't know," said Xiaoyu. "Maybe Caifeng Fairy is my ancestor. That's why the harp is here. Xiao Xie nodded and said

"I don't know," said Xiaoyu. "Maybe Caifeng Fairy is my ancestor. That's why the harp is here. Xiao Xie nodded and said, "That makes sense. Can this harp really kill people?" Xiaoyu nodded and said, "This is a very strange instrument. I don't know what made its strings.". All the year round is glittering and translucent light, the knife does not cut. Break, if the input of internal strength will send out a murderous look, within ten feet can wear gold crack stone. "How about a try?" Asked Xiao Xie. "Well," said Xiao Yu, "I'll try to show you." She stepped forward and stretched out her white jade hand with a gentle hook of her index finger. Strings, only to hear a light sound, "Ding.." Very pleasing to the ear, I saw the pot of orchids on the tea table five Zhangs away, and there was already a quilt. Shake down. "Wow, Jiajia!" Cried Xiao Xie! There's a set. Wow! What a fierce'waning moon and colorful phoenix '! It's really the best in the world Good harp, if it attacks the human body, it will be miserable! "I wonder if I can kill the Little Evil Sect Leader," said Ah San? How about trying? He wants to see the other side. He didn't consider the safety of Xiao Xie. "Well done," said Xiao Xie! It's all right anyway. Then he had used his strength and was ready to try it. Xiaoding said hurriedly, "Xiaoxie, you are crazy!"! Always making fun of yourself. Can't you find something serious to do? If Unfortunately for you.. You can't try anyway! When she saw that Xiao Xie was playing a desperate trick again, she felt nervous and worried him. Pull up to the chair. "Spoil the fun!" Cried Xiao Xie! I just want to taste what it's like. What are you so nervous about? Nervous! Instead, he blamed Xiaoding. Xiaoding laughed and scolded, "You have to try. Xiaoyu doesn't have the leisure time to play with you. You can sing a one-man show by yourself.". No matter what "Oh!" "I don't know how to use it to hurt people," said Xiaoyu with a smile. "You can't try it even if you want to." She's really afraid of being small. The evil had a temper and insisted on trying, so he had to say that he did not know how to use the harp to hurt people. "I'll come,wire nail making machine," said Ah San hurriedly. "I've made a lot of progress in my knowledge recently, especially in Qin Dao." He hurried to the harp. Regal. "Ah San," cried Xiao Xie, "which onion are you? You want to play the piano in front of me, do you think I am an old cow? When you get married. Then hide in the boudoir and play for your wife! A San touched the strings and plucked them two or three times. "That's all right," he said helplessly! The secret of these tricks is to let me be the one. Big stupid cow to enjoy, you only have the share of dry stare, Hee Hee, do not pass on the secret! He shook his head and shook his hand and walked back to his original position. Disappointment. Xiao Xie turned to Xiao Yu and shouted, "Xiao Yu, what are you doing?"? Living in this place, we couldn't find it for a long time. What do you say we do about this? He's settling old scores. "How did I know you were coming for me?" Said Xiaoyu faintly? Two years ago, I went to Junshan to look for you, Automatic nail machine ,Automatic Nail Making Machine, and they said you I have been missing for more than a year. I was so nervous that I couldn't find you in Jianghu for a long time. I was so sad that I couldn't find you. Later, Xiao Xing The star saw that I was not in good health, so he brought me back. I didn't expect you to come to me. I'm so tall. I'm really happy. There was a look of joy and contentment between her eyebrows, which made people feel that she was so innocent and lovely. "Forget it," said Xiaoding. "Xiaoyu doesn't know we're coming, and she's been looking for us for so long. We're still wrong! Will you forgive her for once? She was a little afraid that the little evil neuropathy would break out again. That would be terrible. Unfortunately, the little evil has begun to break out. Xiao Xie looked at Xiao Ding and then at Xiao Yu, "Hey." He pretended to be a treacherous court official and grinned grimly and shouted, "Somebody!" A San, a Si, and Xiao Xie have been working together for more than ten years. They immediately shouted together, "Yes!" It's like a play. The judge on the stage tried the case. Xiaoding and Xiaoyu exclaimed at the same time: "Xiaoxie, you.." "Hey, hey." Xiao Xie sneered, "Steamed bread, two waiters.." Both of them! He knew that Ah Si had Several big steamed buns from Shandong will come in handy. Yes A San and a Si each took out a big steamed bun. A San went to Xiaoyu, while a Si went to Xiaoding. Mouth, a solemn portrait. "Xiao Xie, what do you want to do?" Xiao Ding exclaimed? This steamed bread.. I She felt that the situation was serious and nervous. Light rain is slightly light smile, as if playing games do not care, her experience is much worse than Xiaoding, until now. I can still laugh. Execution! As soon as the small evil palm claps the armchair, roars loudly, the power and prestige is like Bao Qingtian. He is this Bao Qing. Tian Ke has more than ten years of experience. He has been learning since he was a child, and now he has performed well. Yes A San and a Si were executed immediately, and both of them rushed to the target at the same time without mercy. Whoa! Xiao Xie! "Wow.." Whoo.. "Wow.." Whoo.. Xiaoding and Xiaoyu are already screaming. Already, struggling for life. "Ah San and Ah Si are really not polite. They catch Xiaoding and Xiaoyu, and the steamed buns are stuffed into their mouths, laughing from time to time." Wow. "Wow." "Wow.." "Wow." When Xiaoding and Xiaoyu broke away from the "evil hand", they were stuffed with more than half of the steamed buns, and they bowed and burped from time to time. Ha-ha Xiao Xie, a San and a Si smiled happily. What's the matter with you, Miss? The little star had entered the hall with a tea tray, and she looked at the little evil in surprise. As soon as Xiao Xie saw that it was her, he immediately shouted, "It's still the same." "Yes!" A three, a four immediately rushed up, grabbed the tea tray, two people cooperate, three or two will be the whole big steamed bread plug. Into the mouth of the little star. The poor little star had no time to cry, but was stuffed by the big steamed bread and rolled his eyes on the ground. "Give me baby tea!" Cried Xiao Xie! How interesting "Yes!" A San and a Si carried the tea and handed it to Xiaoding with a smile. Soon they drank the tea and caught their breath and felt much more comfortable. Xiao Xie laughed so hard that he lay on the armchair with tears streaming down his face. What happened to Xiaoyu? A woman's voice came from the backyard. When Xiao Xie heard someone coming,iron nail machine, he shouted, "Steamed bread!" A San and a Si were also playing vigorously and shouted "yes", and immediately took out steamed buns to meet them. Suddenly- "Little Evil!" Cried Ah San! You can't go up! 。


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