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You, you brought us to this place! What on earth is it for? "For what, ha ha, the reason is actually very simple, I need a kind of thing

You, you brought us to this place! What on earth is it for? "For what, ha ha, the reason is actually very simple, I need a kind of thing, and that kind of thing in an era is impossible to exist, so I need a person to go to a thousand years later, take that thing back, but I also believe in others, but I have to be distracted to create you!" "I am very strange!" Feng Yi shook his head and raised his own question, "You said I was made by you with the God of distraction, but how did you come here? Can it be said that all the memories of Gaia are false?" "Of course it's not false. Without Gaia, how can I know my master?" "What the hell is going on? I don't want to be used for no reason!" In fact, Feng Yi has already thought of what the other side wants, what he brought from a thousand years later, and there is nothing here. It's just an outside caller, but he doesn't understand why the other side is so sure that he will get the mecha after a thousand years. Things also start from the space tunnel when the master sent me here! With a look of recollection in his eyes, he said slowly, "Time and space are actually connected as one. At that time, I didn't know what the reason was. It was obviously a journey of space, but it was also a place to transcend time. I almost died.". I actually had to realize the heart of Tao, so that I could successfully transcend the space and come here. The other side said insipid, but they all knew the danger,deep draw stamping, only to see him put his eyes on yuan Qing, asked, "yuan Qing Taoist, the five holy beads must still be on you!" "Yes, well, you're here for the five holy beads!" yuan Qing is not stupid after all. All of a sudden, he reacted and looked at each other warily. Yes, I'm here for the five holy beads! As soon as the other party's palm turned, there was already a green plate-shaped thing in his hand,car radiator cap, "This thing, compared with the Taoist, has also heard of it!" "This, this is a ground net!" yuan Qing's insight is extraordinary. I saw what it was at a glance. Yes, this is the ground net! The other nodded. As soon as the legend of the ground net was true, it spread between heaven and earth, but as soon as it was true, no one knew where it was. Unexpectedly, it was in your hands. yuan Qing looked at the net with a complicated look in his eyes. I can't imagine! The other side said with a wry smile, "This net is what I got unintentionally in the space tunnel through the space. Speaking of it, I can realize the Tao mostly because of it, if I hadn't met it.". I'm afraid I'm already out of my mind. He pointed to the five small holes in the center of the ground net and said to the wind, "Have you ever seen Tianluo? Have you found that there are five small holes like this in his groove?" Feng Yi thought about it and found that there were five small holes, but he didn't pay attention to them at that time, so he nodded. Tianluo palm time, earth net palm space, alloy die casting ,Magnetic Drain Plug, Tianluo earth net is one. And among them, there is a big secret! I had a pause. Listen to him to continue to say only: "Say actually, day Luo and ground net are incomplete existence." He broke the news. What Feng Yi has personally experienced the power of Tianluo, and if they all exist incompletely, then how amazing it would be if they were so complete. They lack a soul! Pointing to the small hole in the center of the net, he said, "All things in the world are inseparable from the five elements of Yin and Yang.". The dragnet governs Yin and Yang. The five holy beads govern the qi of the five elements. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth! His fingers touched the five small holes one by one. Heaven and earth depend on each other, the five elements, a truly complete dragnet, without the help of the five beads, but there is only one set of five beads between heaven and earth, but the dragnet and the earth each need a set, so I came up with this method, separated you, let you go to a thousand years later, who does not want to make some mistakes in the middle, unexpectedly appeared at the same time that person, the result is a mess. Fortunately, the ultimate goal has been achieved. "What do you want to do with that complete dragnet?" Feng Yi asked. I have my own use. Why do you ask so much? Give it to me now, and I will send you back after I get Tianluo. "He stretched out his hand to Feng Yi and turned to yuan Qing." And you should understand why I came here. " "You want my five holy beads!" yuan Qing calmly said, "Although the five holy beads have been in my hands for many years, I haven't been able to understand the secret, but I can't give it to you just because of your words. If you want it, at least give us a reason." "Because I want it!" This is the reason, although it sounds absurd, but it is true. If I don't want to give it! yuan Qing snorted coldly. After all, he is also a leading figure in the cultivation of immortals and Taoists, and he still has a good temper. Moreover, he did not believe that the other side had the ability to hurt him. Then I'll have to take it myself! "All right!" yuan Qing laughed. "No one has said such a thing to me for a long time. I'd like to see what you can do." In the hall, the wind rose from the ground and raised the clothes of the people. There is no smoke without fire, for you this move, if it is in the water, then I may have some scruples, but here and now it can not hurt me at all! Shaking his head, the other side pushed out flat, and he did not see any movement, a few calm down. What is there comes to nothing! yuan Qing was frightened. You, aren't you Jian Xiu? Why do you know the Dao method of my Shu Xiu? "Whoever decides to practice the sword will not be able to use Taoism!" He laughed, "the same is the use of power, one reason is clear, and who has stipulated that the sword can not be used, do you know why I did not go to a thousand years later, looking for the five holy beads? That is because I want to retreat.". From a long time ago I have understood a truth, no matter what identity, no absolute strength, will eventually be bullied, I do not want to be bullied by others, they can only work hard,Investment casting parts, like now, if I do not have the strength, I am afraid you have been hurt! 。


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