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Sakyamuni's mind was so strong that he had long noticed that the cleansing process was somewhat strange When searching

Sakyamuni's mind was so strong that he had long noticed that the cleansing process was somewhat strange When searching the clear clues will suddenly become blurred making people confused about the direction a careless will go to the fork in the road But when this layer of vague gauze curtain was uncovered the cancer on the vine was revealed very clearly one by one and even the Fertilizers tiny branches were not spared It seems that someone has deliberately set up a maze and if he can get out of the maze he will present all the secrets like a reward Well the only person who has this kind of ability to operate under the king's nose and this kind of bad habit is that guy who doesn't worry Wang that guy should still be in the Tolin Temple He replied with some uncertainty Zamb Droton gave him a sidelong glance and said indifferently "His Holiness has gone on a pilgrimage Do you think he will still stay in the temple" The eagle's eyes narrowed slightly as if remembering something and smiled coldly "In fact the best time for Pulan slaves to escape should be the day after tomorrow's Sagadawa Festival" If they escape at that time I may not be able to get to the work field in time to suppress them However they did not seem to know that the slaves in the Guge Labor Field would also rest for a day without going to work during the Sagadawa Festival for the Buddha to worship Except for a few important officials and soldiers who specialized in guarding the labor field no one knew some of the rules of the Guge slave labor field so it can be inferred that there were no rebels among the important officials and soldiers in the court Sakyamuni smiled silently and could only say that the fate of the four princes of Pulan should be so However since the worry-free guy was able to set up a maze it proved that he had long known the existence of the remnants of Pran and their escape plans but dared to hide them all the time It seemed that he was really tired of living King shall I arrest that fellow and throw him into the dungeon for punishment He asked softly Zanb Droton's sharp eyebrows were noncommittal and he said slowly "There's no need to take it seriously Has that guy ever reported the news in time" As soon as the gloomy Mori light passed through his eyes "he had learned all the bad habits of Baima Tenzin Hum if it hadn't been useful to keep him it would have been long ago" The unfinished words turned into a very cold hum Sakyamuni is dumb Indeed although he the king and the worry-free fellow were all taught by His Holiness their personalities and attitudes toward His Holiness were very different Being in the palace the king had the least contact with His Holiness and with his natural coldness he did not have much respect and love for His Holiness He served His Holiness for three years At the age of six he was assigned by His Holiness to the king's side and became his personal bodyguard Although he often walked around the palace and temples and was taught by His Holiness he was very respectful and loving to Him but strictly speaking he did not spend much time with Him Only that guy has been in close contact with His Holiness since he was born and his temperament has been greatly influenced by His Holiness and he has become twisted and strange because of his unusual physical condition which is really not generally bad and annoying China Chemicals (14 coins) Chapter 253 Worry-free Guy (2) By the time it was all over the sky was already white with a very shallow fish belly and the stars became white and weak and were about to disappear in the light of the sun Zamb Droton surrounded by the Black Flag Team entered the still silent Royal City He waved his hand and hundreds of black flag guards immediately disbanded and disappeared in the streets and alleys of the royal city leaving only forty or fifty guards around him Sakyamuni was still at his side and Ganrona and Kunroda yawned and were sent home by the guards to rest Lie are you really determined to let them go to Ladakh with the army He watched the two children go away and asked casually Wang as you can see but after a day and a night these two cubs can't stand it any more Of course they have to be honed more Zamb Droton smiled put his legs around the horse's belly and trotted Sakyamuni hurriedly rode up to follow him a horse's head slightly behind the king A group of bodyguards followed closely behind them Do you think the pig has woken up Zanbu Zhuodun looked up at the sky smiling in his eyes as shallow as the clouds on the horizon but with a blazing lingering tenderness The king who can laugh like this the king who can ask such words is unimaginable and unimaginable in the past Sakyamuni also looked up at the slightly white sky and the murderous intent that filled his chest gradually faded and his hard Inorganic Chemicals heart became soft in the sound of the pig that the king spit out A cold morning breeze blew in his face and he smelled blood like rust After this hearty killing he and the king were infected with heavy blood The pigs in the palace would be disgusted when they saw them Maybe they would vomit again They had to take a good bath Probably not awake yet As long as she is allowed she is a lazy pig who likes to stay in bed He chuckled back usually this time the king had already got up to the back hill to practice and he went into the bedroom hall to accompany the little pig quietly watching her quiet sleeping face until she opened her eyes His loyalty to the king in this life could not be changed and with the addition of the piggy bait thrown by the king to him he was even more willing to offer his loyalty to the next life and the next life Zanbu Zhuodun laughed and rushed to the mountains where the palace was located His eagle eyes of joy showed a desire that could not be hidden He couldn't wait to embrace the tender soft and fragrant body into his arms and love it well Tomorrow is the "Sagadawa Festival" and he is going to take the pig out of the palace to worship the Buddha in Tuolin Temple to make up for the suspension of the tour yesterday due to the riot of Pulan slaves The smile on the lips was slightly restrained and the eyebrows were frowning unconsciously The day of the expedition to Ladakh was getting closer and closer He could not take the pig with him and he would go with him Put the pig alone in the palace even if there are heavy guards he can not rest assured The pig wanted to escape all day long and she was cunning If the guards had been negligent she would probably have fled to the distant horizon He was even more afraid that after he went to war spies from other countries would sneak into the palace and take the pigs away Threatening him was a trivial matter and he hated it if he hurt a pig carelessly


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