Then he said:" Brother Nan, are you good at martial arts, too? Look at the younger brother just into the Yang Lin, feet do not touch the dust, probably flying skills and body skills are superior.

Recalling the matter of the Escort Agency, whether I want to extend my hand to help or not, I can't help but feel hesitant and uncertain. In my mind, the third son of Mangshan Mountain refused to help me with harsh words. I can't help but be frightened. Yes, I have not avenged my blood. Why bother to get involved in other people's irrelevant affairs? If there is a mistake, it will be a lifelong regret. Then I made a decision and decided to ignore the right and wrong of the Escort Agency. However, the Lingyun Escort Agency is still in a precarious situation in the early morning, and now it is the end of the song. It is obviously a bit mysterious and suspicious. Since we are determined to ignore it, these thoughts are superfluous. At the door of a small inn, Nan Ruilin walked in unconsciously. After washing, he asked the bartender about the way to Nanyang and Yangxian. Nanyang and county is the same path, south from Luoyang, through the Yichuan, LinRu, arrive at the leaf county, and then by the leaf county branch, from leaf county southwest by way of square city to Nanyang but a day and a half feet, from leaf county to the southeast, along the SuiPing south, arrive at the county need to spend four days, mind to think about it, decided to go to Kaifeng a trip, first to xiangguo temple to see ciyun master, return hand string, by the way after a visit to By way of Yichuan,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, Xuchang, to Ye County, to Wolong Villa. The people in the inn were noisy and full of laughter. Many Jianghu people stayed here and talked about the Escort Agency. Because of repeated rumors, they were superfluous and changed a little. He was too lazy to listen. He lay in bed and lifted the quilt. Because of the change of Mangshan Mountain the night before last and the disturbance of the masked man in the Escort Agency last night, he did not sleep for two days and two nights. He was exhausted and went to sleep. Early the next morning, before the cold star had fallen, a handsome young man appeared on Bianluo Road, traveling a long distance without flying. On the official road, the fast horses galloped back and forth,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and the yellow dust filled the sky. The people on the horse knew at a glance that they were all healthy people in Wulin. They were in a hurry. Nan Ruilin did not look aside, but hung his head and hurried away. By noon, Nan Ruilin had already passed through Gong County and walked along the south bank of the Yellow River. He saw the muddy water rolling in and the yellow waves towering in the sky. There were no houses and people on both sides of the river. It was so desolate that the Yellow River often changed its course. Every time it reached the flood period, the houses on both sides of the river were ruins, and people and animals were Bochen. For thousands of years, the river officials were helpless and spent countless money and food, but they still could not get any effect. Nan Ruilin felt a little hungry. He galloped under the scorching sun and was sweating. It was time to rest for a while. Looking from a distance, he saw a clump of poplar trees beside the road. There were several families faintly inside. There were still six or seven strong horses tied to the tree poles. He thought it was the place to tip, so he took a full breath of True Qi and galloped forward. Sure enough, there was a sharp place over there. There were seven or eight square seats under the shade of a tree. Unfortunately, they were all full. There were only three people sitting in one seat, and one of them was still empty. Nan Ruilin could not help hesitating. He saw a middle-aged man in his thirties on that seat. He stood up and said with a smile, "Brother, why don't you invite me to have a drink together?". When Nan Ruilin saw the invitation, he could not refuse it. His handsome face turned red and he said, "How can I bother you?" That's what he said. The man had already stepped into his seat. The man said with a smile, "All men are brothers within the four seas. How can I say the word" bother "? Please sit down.". Nan Ruilin sat down with thanks and looked up at the other two people at the same table. The two men were about the same age as the man who had invited him to sit together, and they were dressed exactly the same. They were dressed in black gowns, brushed stainless steel sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Wire, wrapped in blue cloth on their shoulders, and thought they were weapons. When they saw Nan Ruilin looking at him, they nodded and smiled, and the shopkeeper came over and added a pair of cups and chopsticks. He invited the other middle-aged men to have a drink with Nan Ruilin and asked with a smile, "Brother, what's your name?". "I dare not," said Nan Ruilin. "Xiao Ke's surname is Nan." Oh, it was Nan Laodi. "The man gazed at Nan Ruilin's shoulder and threw a knife at him. Then he said:" Brother Nan, are you good at martial arts, too? Look at the younger brother just into the Yang Lin, feet do not touch the dust, probably flying skills and body skills are superior. Frightened by the man's good eyesight, Nan Ruilin said with a smile, "Xiao Ke can speak martial arts. He's only been practicing clumsy fists and feet for a few years.." May I have your name, please? The man gave a heavy knock on his head and said to the two people sitting at the table with a smile, "How can I be so rude as to ask others all the time, but I forget my own side." Then to the south ruilin way: "Come, come, come, my brother and I will introduce the two brothers." His surname is Shen, and his name is Bingyan. His surname is Xu, and his single name is Shao. My surname is Cheng and my given name is Wen. I was loved by people in Wulin. I took a small beautiful name and was called "Handan Sanjie". Nan Ruilin hand way: "Nice to meet you." Shen Bingyan, Xu Shao two people also talk very healthy, four people for a moment, talk very harmonious, wine to the cup dry, vertical laugh. At this time, the wind came slowly, the heat was gone, and the people sitting next to him left one after another. Shen Bingyan suddenly asked, "Brother Nan, are you going to Kaifeng?" Nan Ruilin nodded and said, "Xiao Ke is going to Kaifeng to visit a relative and elder, and the three of you are also going.." Shen Bingyan said, "We're also going to Kaifeng. We're just going the same way. We just invited a few good friends, so we went south to Pujiazhai to attend the meeting of heroes." After a pause, he said, "Brother Nan, have you ever heard of this?" When Nan Ruilin heard that they were attending the meeting of the heroes of Pujiazhai, he couldn't help suspecting that the three of them were not on a good road. He replied, "I can hear a little about this, but I don't care about it." Xu Shao opened his eyes wide and said in surprise, "People in the martial arts world are all salivating at the wonderful book'The True Formula for Subduing the Dragon. 'Aren't you tempted, brother?" Nan Ruilin shook his head and solemnly said: "Xiao Ke knows his fists and feet, but his strength is not enough to defend himself. Why should he be delusional? When he heard about this book, heroes all over the world rose up one after another. In a twinkling of an eye, it was a catastrophe. If he couldn't keep it, he would be enough to kill himself. But he had the heart to go to Pujiazhai and see the martial arts of famous masters. But the meeting of heroes will be held in a few days. After Xiao Ke arrived in Kaifeng, he would go to Nanyang Cheng called the text clapped his hands and laughed. "The meeting will last for two months. The eight-clawed dragon old man, Pu Laoer, is just pretending his name to fulfill his wish. We are also going to visit the actual situation. Brother, we will wait for you in Pujiazhai." Nan Ruilin nodded and agreed. It was enough for the four of them to rest. After calculating the money for food and wine, they left their seats and set off. Nan Ruilin said with a smile: "Three horses fast, please go first," the three invited him to ride together,304 stainless steel wire, Nan Ruilin just insisted, Handan Sanjie had to jump on the horse, Nan Ruilin then walked.


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