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3 Side Seal Bag factory Product Description Made from multi-layer plastic films, laminated paper film, and aluminum foil lamination. The laminated film provides an extra protective layer to prevent the bag from being weakened by creases, and ensure the products in the 3 side seal bag have a long shelf life. 3 side seal pouch is a simple, cost-effective packaging bag style. Since its compact structure, regular and Leak-proof appearance. It is oxygen and moisture resistant. Very suitable for mass production with automatic packaging machine. Hanging hole, linking bag, airplane punching hole, degassing valve, easy tear notch, resealable zipper, date printing. Variant side seal bags: We can provide some special shape bags, that make your packets stand out. Extensive production experience:We specialize in the production of Flexible packaging and Paper Packaging Box with 15 years of experience. Meeting the requirements of the product design and process, providing reliable product. Factory outlets聽 European standard and OEM services We have a variety of bag styles such as stand-up bags, foil bags and flat bottom bags for you to choose from.聽3 Side Seal Bag factory website:http://www.juxinflex.com/3-side-seal-bag/


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